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I won't tell you what kind of car your future husband will drive or how many kids you will have.  But I can help you understand the forces are at work in your life and the options and opportunities the universe may be offering.

I can also help you decide how to make the best of these opportunities and come up with a realistic plan for the future. 

I firmly believe that our future is not written in stone but rather the product of many factors including, most importantly, your own actions and decisions.  Not everything is meant to be and this is a fact of life that we all need to accept.

Still it is a fundamental spiritual truth that we all have a path on this earth and a valuable contribution to make.  Understanding this path and making the best choices along our way is what spirituality (and Tarot) is all about.

I have sensed psychic energy since I was child and still remember being surprised to find that other people didn't seem to realize that this kind of ability was available to them.  I do not (nor do the cards)  "see" the future but together we can help interpret the forces at work in your life and identify the best course of action.

I believe in divinity, spirit guides and karma.  I also believe that each of us has a mission to fulfill on this earth and that discovering this mission is what life is all about.  A card reading may not tell  you what this mission is but it can definitely help keep you on track.

Like many people, I have experienced my share of personal tragedy and consider myself not only empathetic in a psychic sense but a caring and compassionate person as well.   I have not experienced everything but over the course of 53 years of life experience I have gained a familiarity many different types of personal challenges and have a decidely nonjudgmental approach to reading. 

I have been reading Tarot since the summer of 1971 when, at the age of thirteen, I purchased my first Rider-Waite Tarot deck.  I have studied with renowned Tarot reader Christiana Gaudet and have had the good fortune to be mentored by a gifted local psychic, card reader and friend over the course of many years (thank you Tara!).  I have read professionally on a local level as well through a popular psychic phone line (Psychic Power Network) and via my own website.

I have been a life long student of spirituality, religion, mysticism and the paranormal.  In addition to Tarot I may employ numerology, astrology and esoteric symbolism in the interpretation of your reading.

I perform a limited number of free readings each month via Skype or by phone.  You can message me via Skype under the name of BarbaraGraver during free reading hours or contact me by email ( to schedule a reading.

UPDATE:  I am no longer doing free readings but you can learn more about my paid readings via my website at or by tuning in to my monthly BlogTalk Radio Show Mystical Living.

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