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What is the relationship - the real relationship - between the planets and our own personal human experience?

My interest in Astrology began in 1974 with the Linda Goodman classic, Sun Signs, and I have done a number of natal charts over the years for family and friends.  First, the old fashioned long math method, then years later a free software called Astro-Lab.

I haven't done much with Astrology recently however and I'm thinking of changing that.  A section in the book I'm currently reading (The Choice by Mike Bara) makes some interesting points about our solar system and  has reawakened this old and very dear interest.  

The argument is part of Bara's case for hyper-dimensional physics and plugs into the solar fission theory with which he explains the creation of our solar system.  In reading his book, I realize that I am at a disadvantage.  I don't have the time, inclination or education to go off and check the math.  But I like it in an intuitive sense.

I believe in cycles.  So when Bara describes a solar system created by the star in the center of every ecliptic it makes sense to me.  I know this is how things happen.  But Bara makes it seem credible.  When he talks about spin energy it makes sense to me.  As do his views on harmony and dissonance, missing planets (well I'll go along with one), higher dimensions (26), and the life force and I'm going to blog on those things after I finish the book.

But back to astrology.  There is an experiment (RCA Sunspot Study 1950), Bara says that demonstrates that radio waves are effected by the planets in a way not explained by conventional physics.  He then compares radio waves to brain waves. and  makes credible omparison's between astrology and astronomy.  Suddenly astrology seems possible and that interests me - not necessarily in terms of my daily horoscope but in terms of 2012 which is I suspect what Bara is getting at.

Be that as it may, I have decided to get my birth chart done again.  I will post highlights when it's complete.

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