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The new year is coming and I've been thinking a lot about time and cycles and beginnings and endings.  Astrology seemed like a good topic numerically for the 12th month of the year, as well.  I am going to do a couple of charts and hopefully learn a few things that might be of use to others.

I'll be referencing The Only Astrology Book You Will Ever Need by Joana Martime Woolfolk and The Only Way to Learn Astrology Volume 1 by Marion D. March.  (I'm hoping that neither book is really the only way to learn and that they will complement each other.)  I have also secured a copy of Celestial Psychology by Doris Hebel and am hoping that I will have time to look at that as well.  I think I can tell already that Marion March's book is hard going.  Though I don't doubt that a person would learn from it.

I have tried Astro123,  and AstroWin.  They are, I'm sure, quite accurate and they circumvent the math which is no small thing, but the stored latitude and longitude file is tiny.  Astrolabe on the other hand has a online chart calculator with a larger data base.  It provided the coordinates, a chart and a very basic report for free.  I am going to try, I think, to use a combination of free software and books try to write my own report.  The generated reports leave no room for intuition anyway.

I received the recommendations for March's book from pscyhic / astrologer Julia Marie during this afternoon's free Psychic Access chat.   I have not gotten a  personal reading from Julia Marie, but I did enjoy talking to her.  I'm eager to check out her recommendation and the other texts as well.  I will also be wrapping up Mike Barra's book, The Choice, this month and commenting on that, and trying to get some kind of handle on astronomy but have not decided on a reference. 

I read Isaiah today.  The Chaldean sky scanners were not well thought of by the prophets.  That's a fact but there is probably more to it. than just that fact.  There are tons of things I don't know about the Chaldeans (commonly called Babylonians) and the Jews had plenty of reasons to dislike them.  Still the Chaldean's were astronomers and they had a knowledge base, as did the  Sumerians, Maya and Egyptians.  This makes it interesting to me and I hope to others.  I'm going to look into it going forward.

You can read my horoscope highlights in my Nov. 11, 2010 blog entry.

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