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Leyden Painting: The Fortune Teller

Having a reading can be fun but it should be something you budget and plan for. Here are some of my recommendations for obtaining a satisfactory psychic phone reading.
  1.  First and foremost, always do your homework.  Not all psychic sites - not even the glitzy ones - are created equal so look for some off site reviews.  This can be done via google or through the recommendations of others.  Beware of monetized reviews.  Some - like my recent blog entry on my Psychic Source phone reading - are honest and based on personal experience, others are not.  If your review is little more than a list of links it probably isn't a "real" review.  After you've researched the business, check out the site itself.  Better sites allow you to pay for a block of time and will stop the reading and prompt you to pay for more time when your pre-paid minutes run out.  It is always your choice whether or not you want to continue the reading.  Make sure this is how your psychic line works.
  2. Take the time to select the 'right' psychic.  Most psychic sites post detailed bios of their readers.  Sites such as Psychic Access offer free chats or blogs which can be a nice way to get acquainted.  Gather all the free information you can.  Don't focus only on ratings (though these are important) but try to get into the readers head.  Every psychic has a different approach and you want to find one who is going to resonate with your own personal belief system.  A psychic who relies on angel guides, for example, may not be a good fit for everyone. 
  3. Don't make your reader work too hard.  Psychics generally get a series of impressions in regard to a specific problem or circumstance and in my opinion this is the best kind of reading to get.  If you are looking for someone to prove their abilities, that's fine, but you are most likely to get general info that may or may not be what you're most interested in hearing and the clock is ticking.  Unless you have a lot of money to burn, I recommend that you cut to the chase and ask the questions that are most important to you.
  4. Prepare for your reading.  Write down your questions in advance.  My advice is that you prioritize them.  If your career is your number one priority you may not want to waste time hearing about other issues or at least not want to hear about other issues in depth.  I find that 3 questions is usually about right for a 15 to 30 minute reading but I like to rank my questions so that it is not the end of the world if I don't get to number 3.
  5. Take notes!  You will not remember everything said.  Maybe because a good psychic moves quickly.  I take notes in a word processing program or notebook every time I get a reading and I'm always surprised when I read them over later and find that info that did not seem important (or memorable) at the time really is significant.  Sometimes more significant then the content that stuck in my head.

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