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I obtained the following reading from Dharma at Psychic Source.  Psychic Source offers a straight $1 per minute reading for first time customers.

I was given a free reading in exchange for an online review.  The people at Psychic Source were very nice.  I contacted them because, while I generally swap readings with other readers and have a good personal friend who is a great card reader, I like  Tarot readings - obviously :)  Would not be doing it all these years if I didn't enjoy it!

My questions for this reading concerned psychic development, money and family relationships and I was given the following information:

I close myself off to my psychic ability but it is there.  Because of my sensitivity to negative energy, Dharma told me that I should consider reading up on psychic protection.  I was advised to use a scrying mirror which I  have recently blogged on though I did not mention this to my reader.   I didn't mention that I had made my own scrying mirror recently either (for resale on Etsy).  Dharma recommended that I use the mirror use everyday for one month during which time I will begin to see clouds or numbers.  She suggested I practice 30 minutes a day, per day, with two purple candle.  I'm not clear on the positioning but I'm with her on the color and the use of candlelight in general.

I was also told that I should also continue to study the Tarot and  book (Janet Berres:  Textbook of the Tarot) which I have (of course) ordered was recommended.  I was encouraged to meditate and clear my mind prior to any kind of divination (something I know I should do but tend to skip).  There was a suggestion that I set up my own page to do readings or that I should audition for a Psychic Source job as a reader.  I was told to concentrate on esoteric and arcane in my studies which is always the case for me.

Dharma also told me that writing is my strength and that I will have a manuscript published.  Her impression was of something nonfiction and spiritual in content.  She also said that I am at a place of new beginnings which is quite accurate.   Happiness, and good luck were predicted in the upcoming months.  I was told that I have good intellect and strong emotions but that I have a psychic-emotional block and lack confidence.  The confidence thing is something that few people pick up on as I appear much more confident than I am in fact.  She also said that I am emotionally intense.  How true.

There was more - mostly about family - that I'm not going to relay but the information given was accurate and I was happy with the reading.  Dharma was able to pinpoint a couple of things about family members that were spot on.  One example is that she asked if I had a dog and when I said yes, she asked if it was a husky.  I said no and she seemed a little puzzled, then asked if he howled.  And he does which is kind of odd for his breed.

I'm going to take Dharma's recommendations in regard to psychic development though I will probably not audition for Psychic Source at this time.  If you've read my blog before, you know that I have done psychic lines in the past.  It was fun at times but there was a lot of sitting around waiting for calls too!  Maybe I will look into it after the holidays.  For now, my psychic development is for the benefit of myself and also, I hope, for friends and family. 

My overall review of this reading?  Very on target in several instances.  Little or no misinformation given.  Encouraging, straightforward and fun.  Good practical advice.  Largely consistent with other readings, and my recent astrological chart (more on that next post!).   I thought it was cool that she picked up on scrying and my dog.

Click for info on the $1 per minute psychic reading from Psychic Source. 

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    Great blog,psychic readings are provided by dawn mellowship, an author, reiki healer and teacher, and oracle. It is the ability to be connected with beyond and hidden forces in order to see the future. Thanks a lot...

  2. You're very welcome. Thank you for your comments! I'm glad you liked the article.


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