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I haven't forgotten about The Psychic Pathway, by the way. I am using the book and think it's a useful workbook. Because it is paced at a section a week, I decided to listen to Trust Your Vibes by the same author concurrently in the hopes of getting a little more content upfront. And I think it's working.

Week one of The Psychic Pathway requires daily meditation and I'm finding that a little hard to fit in. The author makes a good point for meditation in saying that psychic energy is subtle and that we need to be paying attention. I don't think that psychic energy is subtle necessarily but I do think that people can subconsciously shut that energy out - or maybe even consciously - and that paying attention is a good thing.

It isn't always easy. Intuition almost always blows a person off course and if you're trying for a specific outcome that can be hard to accept. Choquette is of the opinion that flexibility is important and I agree that it is. She advocates going with the flow - not against it. And I could not agree more. In my experience, going against the grain rarely accomplishes anything long lasting.

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