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The Psychic Pathway was recommended to me by a practicing psychic  in an online chat last week so I have looked at the book and decided that I'm going to work through it and chart my progress.  It is a twelve week course and I have read the preliminary stuff and am about to start week one.

So far, it's interesting.  There was a psychic test - too long to transpose - and though it seemed leading to me, it did put me where I think I belong on the psychic continuum (60 out of 75).  So far the author has stressed openness and I couldn't agree with that more.

A second book was recommended to me.  It was written by a woman named Ester Hicks who claims to be channeling a group entities collectively referred to as Abraham.  I have been listening to the audio book but has not clicked for me.  Possibly because I am generally suspicious of channeling.  I don't doubt that the energy is out there but I'm not necessarily convinced it's all higher source energy and I'm reluctant to trust it.  

More about psychic chat and these recommendations:  this entry.

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