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"Tarot and Astrology" was first published in 1941.  The author, Muriel Bruce Hasbrouck, claims to have based her research on the available occult literature of day and her own personal observations.  Borrowing from the Golden Dawn, she divides the calendar year into 36 ten day cycles and assigns each a Tarot card.

I have to say, at the outset, that the author's sources are not part of my particular area of interest.  But I find the interpretations are very interesting.  Especially my own and I thought the negative in particular had some truth to it.  I also enjoyed the Hasbrouck's discussion of the world as it was prior to the second WW - especially in regard to scientific discovery.

Some of the cards listed seem inconsistent with the sign of the Zodiac with which they are associated but I've found that elsewhere.  Her advice, as it pertains to me seems sound.

The assigned major arcana card for Leo is Strength and whatever my faults, I do consider myself to be a strong person.  Sometimes too strong.  The card for my particular birth date (August 22nd) is the 7 of Wands, which Hasbrouck calls the seven of Leo.  By her interpretation this card is ruled by Mars and Mars is prominent in my birth chart.  Positive attributes for this birth date follow:

"Leo Sevens are dominant, vital people, always ready for action, adventure - or a battle.  They are energetic and enthusiastic, tireless themselves, they are capable of inspiring others to work with them [unless those others are offspring it seems] and for them.  They have great charm, especially for the opposite sex.  They are emotional, highly charged, and passionate in their personal affections.  Their imaginations are vivid and creative, they tend to dramatize everything in life, from petty details to great enterprises.  They have the ability for intense concentration, and when positive, they are entirely without fear.  Under pressure, they exhibit great fortitude, and resourcefulness is one of their most valuable assets."  Not so sure about the charm and would like to think I am not dramatic about everything but not necessarily all that far off otherwise!

Me, or Tigger, on a good day.  Poor Pooh!
 The negative:

"They are fighters, taking, at all times, the opposition or the defensive.  They are quarrelsome [want to argue with that but probably shouldn't], proud, touchy and obstinate.  They lack the ability to co-operate with others, they desire always to dominate and direct.  Their resourcefulness becomes mere excitability and impetuosity; they rush into action with considering the consequences.  Wrong side out, they are apt to be cruel in personal relationships, especially where the emotions are involved.  Their versatility leads them to scatter their energies so widely that the effort to concentrate on a number of things at the same time destroys their mental balance, making them highly irritable, nervous and unpredictable.  It is difficult for them to coordinate their energies."  Pretty on the mark though thankfully not always the case.

The author's comments:

"Their versatility is of an unusual type.  Not only can they do a surprising number of different things, but they do them all astonishingly well, apparently without training or preparation.  But the net result of this magic is rather likely to be that the roof is placed on an edifice built without foundations, so that the first storm blows it doen.  The imagination of the Leo Sevens knows no bounds.  They have to learn to practice the art of doing one thing at a time [!], and of completing one job before they start the next one.  The average Leo Seven leaves a trail of unfinished business."

"They take their knocks well, however, and no one of them has yet been found to be discouraged for more than a few hours."  This last is not strictly true but close.  Overall, I found the author's assessment fairly accurate - especially, unfortunately, some of the negatives.  I found it encouraging as well.

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