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My new (used) Sacred Rose Tarot deck I love the colors and energy of these cards!   The artwork is vibrant and dynamic with some truly enchanting images.  I have not spent enough time with the deck to review it but wanted to at least get this picture up and say how pleased I am with the deck overall.  I sometimes take pics of readings when I am rushed and want to spend more time thinking about the reading.

The question for this spread was the same question posed in my video reading.  It gave me a Ace of Cups as well - and no Tower.   I never know if I'm going to keep a deck or not until I get it.  I am going to keep this deck and am looking forward to using it.  I do love roses after all - and not just for the Kabbalah reference.  I grow them though not in a type A way and actually know all the sentimental meanings of the colors!  This is a big image btw, click on it to get a nice close up of this beautiful deck.

The Sacred Rose Tarot is the work of Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman and was inspired by the jewel like colors of medieval stained glass.  The five mystic roses appearing through the deck are said to be the Western equivalent of the sacred rose of the Orient.  The red rose stands for sacrifice, the white rose for purity, blue represents the impossible, gold signifies achievement and the cosmic rose suggests time and space.  In addition to the rose motif, this deck features dynamic artwork, clear strong colors, twinkling star bursts and charming woodland themes.

Update:  I recently picked up a second sealed edition of this lovely deck to offer as a set on etsy.  This particular Tarot set includes a new unopened Sacred Rose deck, a cotton scarf with rose motif in reds, blues and purples, a vintage edition of the Sacred Rose Tarot Book by US Games and one of my own hand-made Psychic Rose scented palm wax candles.

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