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Thoth Tarot Two of Swords
I attended a great online Tarot workshop last weekend called "Interpret, Intuit, Inform, Inspire!" It was given by Christiana Gaudet via the Tarot Guild website and is I believe still available in archive.  I was lucky enough to study with Christiana when she was still based in PA and absolutely love her workshops so I was thrilled to attend. 

Christiana is a successful Tarot reader, Tarot Grand Master, educator and lecturer with a great new book on the business of professional Tarot (Fortune Stellar) now available through amazon.  She encourages study and developing a Tarot toolbox which includes multiple interpretations and keywords for all of the cards.  She also encourages direct personal associations including mundane meanings for individual cards.  Something we probably all do to some degree but may not think about a lot.

I already have some mundane associates.  The Page of Wands says "internet" to me for example and I have other simple associations like that. I have a "yes" card, an "angel" card, a "God" card, a "no" card, a "money" card, a "stop" card.  These are short and relatively straightforward interpretations but they can have a big impact on a reading.  An example of this, is the way I read the Two of Swords - my "stop" card.

There a lot of different ways to look at a stop of course and while the association is very direct in some instances it is always subject to placement. When it falls very close to the heart of the matter it may indicate a blockage - an emotional stop - and like all cards it may be tempered by other cards in proximity.  When it indicates an outcome, answers a direct question or a request for clarification however it is quite clear.  The reading, flow of information or line of questioning stops.

This does not necessarily mean that the question can't be asked again ever but  it does mean that the info already given is adequate for that particular reading.  It tells me to look at the proceeding and surrounding cards again.  When I see the Two of Swords I know that there is something in the cards as they lay that is more important than outcome.  Stop here, it says.  Look again.

Predictive Tarot is a tricky thing sometimes.  There may be a tendency for some clients and even some readers to rush to the result or what looks like the answer.  There is process to a good reading however and sometimes it is the process that needs to be addressed.  Which is probably why this two sometimes follows the big gun (life lesson) cards of the major arcana in my readings.

It is helpful to have cards like this in your arsenal and I wonder if it might be a good idea add a few more to mine.  Through out the workshop, Christiana stressed the importance of developing a personal relationship with all of the cards and I'm not sure I've done that with all of them.  A good goal for study.   There was lots of other good info presented as well and I will be using my notes from this particular workshop for a long time to come!

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