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The World from The Goddess Tarot
My friend Tara, has been reading Tarot since she was a child.  She has been a professional reader for probably 15 years now that I know of and she is really amazingly good at reading cards, people and all types of energy. 

Reading psychic Tarot is Tara's day job.  If you want to see her locally you will get an appointment months out or maybe not at all.  She doesn't charge a lot (even though she could) because she wants to be affordable for the average person which is just incredibly nice in my opinion.

She has wonderful energy and I don't say that about a lot of people.  She is a creative person as well and does lots of different things - something I notice in a lot of high vibration type people.  She channels her own great vibe  into everything she does.

Her shop (GypsySky) on etsy is always worth visiting.  Great oils, candles, incense, and reading combinations!  

I consider myself lucky to be friends with Tara on so many levels.  She is the only person I know well (as in face to face) who has a strong interest in angels, or numbers, or sacred texts, or Kabbalah and it's wonderful to have somebody to talk to about these things and have a friend who makes you think.  I love that Tara pulls these kinds of references into her readings as well!  

Tara read for me in February (February 9th, 2011).  I take detailed notes during readings, if I am unable to record them, so these are only highlights of a very in-depth reading.  I'm going to make a few comparisons to events and subsequent readers done by others for the purpose of confirmation.  I will not be able to address the reading in its entirety.

Tara opened the reading by suggesting I make an effort to protect my ideas from negativity.  She was pretty emphatic about that. I have known her to be crazy accurate with warnings - big and small - but I put myself out to be harpooned the following day anyway by sharing a brand new idea with the wrong person!  Usually people are relatively nice to me  so this was out of the ordinary - luckily.  Tara was absolutely on target.

Tara also made a very specific reference to a family health issue.  She was aware of the health issue in general but not the cause or specifics.   In this reading she was able to pin point the causative factor which is always surprising.  She went on to answer questions about  my career, saying that I would have many projects (something echoed by Theresa, Dax and Sandy, please see vblog entry). She  also saw me doing a lot of networking and this has grown over the last several weeks.  Very accurate and detailed.

A possible business partnership, was predicted, in this reading (and in the one I got from Dax).  I work best alone usually (Sun in Leo,  Moon in Cancer, Scorpio Rising) so this has got me thinking.  Who could that possible be?  Will comment back when I know.

Tara went on to talk about the elements, angels, Kabbalah, and said that these topics would continue to be of ongoing interest to me and it is always good to be reminded of these things.   One of the strengths of Tara's readings for me, is that she is able to weave such a sense of magic into the information she gives and I never get tired of this!    

I was also given specific recommendations.  Some overlapped Sandy's and Theresa's, others relate to things I have put into effect just recently.  Tara talked about crystals, bath salts, meditation, light and color therapy, starlight, rest, and kundalini energy specifically.  While I have not done all of that - though I'm pretty sure I would be better off if I did - I am becoming increasingly interested in crystals. Color, which has always been highly symbolic for me, is becoming more of an environmental factor as I switch things up for Spring.  The kundalini reference relates, I think, to yoga which I have taken up again after an injury.

Tara was positive about the blog (best cards) and business (also really good cards) as well as very encouraging in regard to the manuscript - which I do so appreciate.  We ended up with the World card, more or less, and that's another correlation with a later reading.  It's a good correlation to make! 

I will probably not get another reading from Tara or anyone for some time to come.  Everyone has their own sense of timing in this regard and I tend to let things cycle wide, if that makes sense to anyone.  Spiritual material takes time to manifest in my experience and I pull my own cards and like to exercise my own intuition so this works out well for me.  Frequent readings aren't wrong but I don't think they are enormously effective for me personally.

Readers used to say, "after this happens [meaning the specifics of the reading] - come back" - an old-fashioned expression, when you think about it, of a really quite profound spiritual truth!

Update:  It is now possible to get a free reading from Tara during the course of her wonderful radio show Beyond the Veil on BlogTalkRadio Fridays at 11PM EST.

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  1. Lovely reading! I find tarot cards beautiful, but have never used them.

  2. Oh, you must try them! And thank you for commenting :)


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