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The Mystic Faerie Tarot: More info below.
I read for myself for insight mostly but I like to think that some things are knowable as well.  It follows, of course, that if some things are knowable, others are not.  Today's reading was about the things that are not.

I do very little in the way of ritual when I read.  I keep an old silk scarf with a crazy pattern, a small crocheted Tarot bag with a clear quartz crystal and a polished amethyst heart tucked inside, and the deck I use the most on my nightstand or inside of my book tote.

Most of the time I sit on  my bed read but I can read anywhere reasonably quiet.  The scarf creates the space.  When I want to re-energize it, I hang it out on the line and in a good wind.  The crystals hang out on the window sill for a few days each month around the new and full moons.  Sometimes I take them outside.  (For more about crystals please see tags in topic list, right.)

I'm not an occultist or even particularity witchy but I believe in energy and it's my perception that these little rituals make a difference.  As do decks.  My new favorite reading deck is a used deck - not new to me.  The RWS pink backed University Press deck.  I like the saturated colors and the backs and the energy of the deck.  I find it accurate, if edgy.

I drew a lot of different cards this morning - trying to chase down an answer that just isn't there right now.  I don't believe in predestination or even precognition per se but I do believe that there are currents and cycles and openings.  Right now in my life there are probably too many to sort out in a single reading.

The danger in reading for yourself is that the reader is emotionally invested in the result which can influence the reading on a couple of different levels.  It can be as simple as pulling too many cards which in my experience is more likely to create confusion then it is clarity or as complicated as denial. 

In my case right now as of today.  Clarity was not in the cards but I kept pulling them anyway.  Until I got the 2 of Swords.  My stop card.  So I did stop.  The future isn't decided and I can't see for sure where its going or even how much control I have over it.  I asked instead, what do I do need to do?

Queen of Wands.  The Hierophant.  Queen of Swords.  Page of Wands.  4 of Pentacles.  7 Pentacles.  4 of Cups / Ace of Cups (Ace was to clarify 4 - have been getting this Ace a lot lately).  Be strong.  Keep your foundation in faith.  Be smart.  Keep writing.  Hang on.  Work hard.  Don't miss any offer from spirit.  Sometimes I think that no matter how chaotic and uncertain our lives seem, it is still really that simple.

For some reason the 4 of cups made me think, just now, of scent.  Probably because tonight is candle night!  Also because there has been an association for me recently between spirit and scent.

About the Mystic Faery Tarot (Ace of Cup pictured above):

Last week was an okay week in a retail sense and I have earned a gift.  I picked the lovely Moore & Ravenscroft Mystic Faery Tarot deck (also the book and 09 calendar).   The deck is only available second-hand but the book and calendar can still be found on amazon.  The artwork is lovely and I could not resist the calendar.

The Mystic Faery Tarot will be my second fairy Tarot.  The other is the Fey which is a keeper for me, though not a deck I use for reading.  I do hope to read with the Mystic Faery however and am quite curious about the book.  

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