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Tuned into this lovely show on Blog Talk Radio this evening.  I called in for a reading toward the end of the show and got a wonderful reading from psychic Julie Miller.  Asked her specifically about my new interest in channeling and she was very encouraging.  Julie picked up on my interest in angels and mentioned my favorite angel by name.  She also encouraged me in regard to writing even though I didn't mention writing or the blog, mentioned a digital recorder which I just bought, and my interest in philosophy (additional points follow reading recap).

To listen to my reading, give player a couple of minutes to fully load and stream (player timeline will turn solid gray) and then try clicking just before the counter (this will land you in the 80s which is as close as I could get to my reading which comes on at about 94:30). I will also include a rough transcript of the reading below for anyone who is interested and also for myself as it was so affirming and inspiring.

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Intro to Reading:

I called into Julie's show and asked for a career reading giving no info about myself or what I do.  She first confirmed my energy saying I had a bubbly and excited energy (yes I probably do have to own bubbly as I am the enthusiastic sort :).  She also said that my life has been slow and in a career sense this is accurate and that I like to keep busy.  Very true.  

Julie went on to say that I could think on my feet, and I have to admit that this is something I have said about myself, word for word, on occasion when I am being my braggy Leo self.  She also told me that my present career is not enough of a challenge for me and that I am ready for something new without going on a totally new pathway.  This is where I mentioned my shop, Tarot readings and new interest in channeling.  I didn't mention writing or the blog though I'm not sure why.  It was not a conscious attempt to test but did end up somewhat that way.   I will provide the rest of the reading as given.

Reading Recap:  

I feel you have a good connection already.  Do you also the channel the angels?  I see an angelic vibration around you.  I can feel the presence of the archangel Michael.  I can feel his vibration around you.  He has to me a bluey-purple color and I can see that around you.  I feel he is guiding and helping you at this moment in time.

I also feel that more than one energy is working with you.  Do you feel that your guide is a male energy?  I do feel that there is more than one guide working with you and that words of wisdom or philosophy is being communicated from him through you.  You should sit with a recorder or take notes.

Channeling will become a bigger part of your work.  I am getting the word teaching and it feels as if you will be teaching about channeling and help others to bring their guides and workers through.  So you are stepping into a new realm and this is a natural step and a good one to take.

I feel quite excited with it.  The angel energy is very much with you and around you and you will be channeling information from angels.  And I am going to go out on a limb here and say that what you channel will be put into book form and you should write about it.

I feel an awful lot of healing coming through the words that are given to you.  I feel as if new information on forms of healing, not available now, will be introduced.  I'm actually very excited about this and feel that something new will be given to the world through you.  I'm being shown Doreen Virtue and Anne Cooper.  I feel that the information you will be given is along that vein.

I feel that something new and exciting is going to come through.  I hope you will keep in touch.  I would like to be one of the first to know.  This is an exciting time you are going into.  It will test your perseverance at times.  You will be frustrated at times, thinking that you're not quite understanding what they're saying, but it will all make sense so persevere.  It will eventually make sense.

This is an exciting way for you to go forward.  Thank you for calling and I'm glad to able to confirm this is a step forward and to have been involved in a small part in where you're going.  Sending you loads of light!

Really cool info to get.  Would love to see it manifest, of course.  We shall see.  My overall review of this reading was that it was empowering, affirming and positive.  I also found it quite accurate in regard to present.   Julie has a lovely manner and a wonderful gentle energy which I really enjoyed.

Specific points of accuracy (not communicated to Julie by me) include experience with angels, association with the archangel Michael, current manuscript and intention in regard to writing, sensing the presence of a male guide, and a recent purchase of a digital recorder.  I am also currently reading a book by Doreen Virtue and am interested in both philosophy and healing. Accurate in regard to personality and career situation, as well.

If you'd like to learn more about Julie, you may visit her website at or catch The Psychic Show live or in archive  on Blog Talk Radio.

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