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I have continued to practice Sanaya Roman's Opening to Channel exercises every day this week. Today's results were not as intense as my first attempt though I did still get a bit of a headache going in.

The specific Opening to Channel meditation I performed was called "First Meeting with Your Guide." The text instructed me to visualize myself rising to the spirit realm where I was to imagine meeting beings of light, step through a door of light and connect with my guide. I felt I was able to do this visualization reasonable well despite a fair amount of noise and several interruptions over the course of the meditation but I came away from it unsure.

My concentration and focus could have been better certainly. I was relatively confident that I felt the presence of the archangel, Michael, or Mikhael (מִיכָאֵל) as I pronounce it, and it seemed that I did meet my guide though it was this part that I am less certain of.

I was able to visualize a form that was a sort of hologram of light with what seemed to be longish hair and full length robes but I did not feel especially accepting of the hologram image. It seemed a little Jesus-ish which does not resonate for me personally, being Jewish. I was given a name however which was Jewish, Avrom (אַבְרם), though at the time I thought of it as being not quite Jewish - probably because I would normally pronounce אַבְרם as Abram.

Abram is a name I am familiar from the Bible. It is the name used by the patriarch Abraham prior to the covenant and the associated name change (addition of the letter hey). I do not think this Avrom has anything to do with the patriarch, however, and I don't think I'm channeling Abraham either. For now Avrom is just a name, albeit a name with the same Gematria as Mikhael (11) which is somewhat interesting to me. The message I received during this exercise flashed through my mind as "have faith in this."

Message aside, I have to say honestly that channeling has the feel of imagination to me at this point in my practice. Sanaya and Duane or rather their channeled guides, Orin and DaBen, however, say that this is not unusual. There is even a section in the book titled, "Is Channeling Just Your Imagination" which discusses the relationship between channeling and imagination in depth:

When you first experience channeling, it may feel as if you are using your imagination. The imagination is at a higher vibration than the mind, and it is freer of the limits and constructs of physical reality. It is able to hold thoughts that may appear impossible or unusual to the mind. Your imagination is the touchstone to the higher reality. Continue to channel, and use your imagination to express your guide's messages, and you will find yourself bringing through more and more profound and expansive information.

We shall see. I will certainly keep an open mind and finish the book. I did find it interesting that my Tarot reading on the channeling session gave me the advice card the Four of Cups, a card I blogged on recently (Spotlight on the Four of Cups). The blog post discussed the relationship between the Four and chesed or loving-kindness and love is very much a part of the human-spirit guide relationship as most channelers describe it. Most importantly however, I got some great comments on that post which seem quite significant to me today.

Paul Nagy described the figure in the Four of Cups as the Bodhisattva on the edge of enlightenment and I would very much like to imagine myself on that edge. Another reader, Sheri, quoted a line from the Four of Cups post in her comment, something I might have forgotten I'd written if she had not drawn my attention to it:

"To draw this card is to be reminded that divinity does indeed reach out to us. We are encouraged to be both vigilant and receptive to this most important opportunity."

Okay. Thank you Paul and Sheri.

Read about my first attempt at channeling here.

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