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A few weeks ago I participated in an online Tarot workshop.  Participants were discussing storing Tarot decks. Attendance was relatively light and there were only two of us who said that we kept crystals with our cards.  It turned out that we both used the same stones, Amethyst and Clear Quartz Crystal.  

I didn't get to talk to the other participant after the workshop but I was curious.  Why those two stones in particular?   I'm sure that she was aware of Amethyst's reputation as a stone which increases psychic ability.  Perhaps she, as I, valued Quartz for it's vibration and clarity and the way it absorbs and holds a charge.  Still it struck me as odd that of all the available stones, we had chosen the same two.

I forgot about this coincidence until last week when I happened upon an Attuning with the Life Force exercise in Sanaya Roman's book Opening to Channel.  This particular exercise asked that the reader meditate with a flower, and two crystals.  The suggested crystals?  Amethyst and Quartz.

In Judy Hall's definitive guide to crystals, The Crystal Bible, Amethyst is described as a powerful stone with a high spiritual vibration.  According to Hall, Amethyst enhances higher states of consciousness, encourages spiritual wisdom and aids in meditative focus.  She says that when "used at a higher level, Amethyst opens to another reality" and believe that this stone "promotes a love of the divine."

Of Quartz, Hall says, "Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet" siting the stone's "unique helical spiral crystalline form" as a possible explanation. She goes on to say that Quartz is known to absorb, store and release energy, which is my experience, and that the stone raises energy to the highest spiritual level.  Also that it enhances psychic ability, and attunes us to our spiritual purpose.

To be fair, however, Hall is quite enthusiastic about a number of stones, I, my fellow workshop participant and Sanaya Roman could have picked from a wide range of crystals believed to promote psychic abilities.  Again, why these two stones in particular?

One reason may be color.  The colors represented by these two crystals (violet and white) are of the highest frequency.  These are the two colors I am most likely to imagine when I am attempting to direct my consciousness upwards. White is widely associated with divinity.  Violet is the color of the crown chakra.

The real reason for the selection of these stones, however, is to me, intuitive.  Quartz does indeed charge and amplify.   Amethyst is very uniquely spiritual. In my opinion, these qualities are something that can be not only read about but felt.  And I suspect that Sanaya, my fellow Tarot reader and myself were all responding to Amethyst and Quartz on an intuitive level.

Why crystals work as they do is very much a mystery and, while I love the information contained in books such The Crystal Bible 1 and 2, I believe that the best way to select a crystal is by intuition.  If you can, visit a rock shop where you will be allowed to actually handle the stones and experience their vibrations.  Amethyst and Quartz are always a good choice, but there may be other stones that work especially well for you.

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  1. Very interesting Barbara. I too store my decks with crystals. I have a box with some of the odd ones I do not often use - these are stored along with a number of different crystals. The decks I use more regularly I keep with two pieces of angelsite and a really special apophyllite cluster. All are stored in a bookshelf surrounded by a collection of special crystals which energize my studio.
    I totally agree with you with regards to books on crystals and selecting crystals. A book is a good place for someone to start working with and understanding crystals, but then it is important to rather let the intuition take over.

  2. Thanks for commenting Kim! I discovered apophyllite recently and love it. I keep most of my decks on a book shelf surrounded by crystals as well. The deck I use the most is stored with the stones in the bag. At this point, I have crystals on pretty much all of the surfaces in my room and have even gotten my kids to keep a few near their bed!


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