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I try to stay away from social and political issues here but feel that this film is too important to ignore.  After viewing this, I knew absolutely that in order to be true to spirit I needed to make a change. 

I can no longer align myself with this kind of negativity and I have to say honestly that I don't understand how anyone with a belief in energetic principles could choose to do so after learning the truth.  We are all ultimately responsible for our actions.  Denial is no excuse!  Please be brave and please be accountable and watch the video embedded below.

This video is primarily about the meat industry but covers related topics as well.  Includes video of a Kosher slaughterhouse for those of us who are under the misapprehension that Kosher butchering is humane.  To make a difference please forgo meat and dairy. 

To learn more about a worthy cause please visit FarmSanctuary.Org! Please also take a moment to tweet or post this video to facebook or other social networks via the buttons at the bottom of the entry!

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