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I have had experience with non-physical beings before.  Some of these experiences were relatively neutral, in the form of auditory "ghost energy," while others were visual and significantly more complex - taking the form of what I consider angelic visitation, as well dark force energy that I have yet to blog about.

While I have spontaneously channeled information and found it positive in nature, having had past experiences with both light and dark has caused me to approach channeled information and channeling itself with caution. So while I consider myself to have been around the metaphysical block, so to speak, a time or two I  am still a relative newbie at channeling.

In anticipation of channeling, I bought the very detailed and helpful book Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman.  This book includes very specific instructions on learning to channel - information which was channeled by Sanaya and her husband Duane through their respective guides Orin and DaBin.  

I made my first real attempt at channeling on Wednesday.  I had not read much of the book at that point, being the impatient sort, however, I skipped ahead to the method section and selected the first exercise.

I had been unable to locate the inexpensive Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-852, Silver I had bought for the express purpose this first attempt, so I decided to just do as the book said and open myself to channeling.  My goal was to perform the exercise in hopes of simply making a connection.

Following the instructions for exercise one (Achieving a Relaxed State) I slipped into a light trance. Almost immediately, I experienced a mild transient headache followed by an intense sensation of heat on the surface of my body which I felt most acutely on my face.  This gave way to the visualization of light which I was able to perceive with my eyes closed as radiating brightly from an unseen source.  

Not having a recorder, I did not have the expectation of getting verbal information but I did want a name and I felt that I got very clearly the name of the archangel Raphael accompanied by the understanding that I needed healing prior to undertaking this pursuit.  I experienced a strong sensation of energy and a tingling beneath my skin.  I felt all the little aches and pains I generally feel in my back and legs being taken from my body.  

Gradually the tingling faded and I began to notice that my body felt very light.  Not floaty exactly but substantially less dense and this is something I have never experienced before.  The experience of visual light energy persisted and I was content to simply soak it up.  In retrospect it seemed a little like laying in the sun on a summer day when all you want to do is relax and bask in the positive solar energy.

I don't know how much time passed.  Possible 20 minutes or so but after awhile I became aware of time passing and the feeling that this was enough.  I came out of it slowly and smiling.  

I felt wonderful almost ecstatic afterward.  It was hard not to smile and the mood that approached giddiness stayed with me for sometime.  It was more than a simple good mood engendered by success but a real change in my emotional state.  The high eventually leveled off but even hours later I felt quite positive about everything.

Going back to the book, I read that the sensation of heat that I experienced is not unusual.  In my impatience to try channeling I had not read that information prior so I found the information validating.  I also read that connecting with a guide is a process of alignment and I found this validating as well because I had strongly felt that it was indeed a process so intense to be almost physical in nature.  The elevated mood, I learned, is a sign that you have connected with a high level guide (methods of distinguishing between high and low level guides are clearly given in the text) so I'm pleased to think that that has happened.

The book went on to say that it was okay to work through several of the exercises in a single day so after a short break I tried the second exercise.  I experienced the same light headache and sensation of heat as well as the visual experience of light but much of this second shorter exercise was very centered in my heart chakra. It was a very tangible sensation, not painful but not entirely comfortable either.  And I believe that I have a lot of clearing to do.  Really a lot of work just in general.  But it is truly wonderful work and I'm in no hurry.   

Opening to Channel is a great book but I found it very affirming that advice that additional guidance which was specific to me (the process of alignment which includes healing and clearing) came directly from spirit.  I realized that the loss of the recorder was probably a good thing.  Not being focused on receiving verbal communication I believe I was more able to let myself experience the sensation of channeling and probably more open as well. 

Later that same day, I thought that having done two sessions already I probably should have a recorder on hand for my next session.  After looking every I decided I would just go to Best Buy and get another one.  Having driven there, selected a recorder (at twice the cost of my Amazon Olympus), I looked in my purse to see if I had enough cash.  The recorder was there in plain site.  Somehow I had overlooked it when repeatedly searching through my small (currently) relatively neat shoulder bag earlier that day! On the way home I recorded the material that has become the basis for this entry. 

As I recorded I began to think about the wisdom that has been encoded in sacred texts for us and I received a message very clearly almost emphatically saying, do not disparage these words and it occurred to me that while I am really so appreciative of the lightworking guidance and direction currently available, it is very important  for me to keep my basis in scripture.  

I am convinced that sacred study is important.  We tend to think in terms of left brain right brain and sometimes consider a division between the realm of knowledge, logic and discernment and the realm of spirit.  Opening to Channel makes a very good point, I think, in saying that this is both.  Spirituality is not process of learning necessarily but a process of recognition.  Recognition however very frequently occurs in the midst of learning and that's important to keep in mind.  

The book says that spirit will use what you know and IMO a knowledge base is an important part of this endeavor.  Does it mean that studying metaphysical material is "the way?"  Not always necessarily.  In and of its self it can contribute to ego and not necessarily advance people but I think it is important for me and I'm going to continue to incorporate study with meditation, prayer, channel work and yoga.  

Writing up this post today from the notes I recorded on Tuesday, I realized that I had already forgotten a good deal of the material I was given.  The timing related to the losing and finding of my little recorder could not have been better!

*Please note:  I do not recommend skipping ahead in Sonaya and Duane's wonderful book as I did.  Their cautions and the benefit of their experience is invaluable!

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  1. That's wild - about the channelling thing AND about the recorder turning up in your handbag! It's a strange ol' world we live in, is it not?!

    Ali x

  2. Hi Ali. Yes sometimes it is. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Very Interesting reading Barbara, I'm glad you are persisting with the channeling. If you find that you continue to get the headache and if the heat you feel gets to uncomfortable then ask spirit to blend with you a little more slowly. I had a similar experience when I first started channeling and was given this advice and it certainly worked for me! Its a bit like an old friend that you haven't seen for a long while running to give you a hug, miss timing it and bumping into you instead! Look forward to hearing more about your experiences.

    Julie xx

  4. Thank you for the wonderful advice, Julie. I will try that. I do so appreciate your encouragement and support!


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