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An issue pops up for me in regard to numerology and it is the same issue I encounter in Tarot, astrology or any other discipline which undertakes the art of predicting future.  My frame of reference and entry into spirituality is, and has always been, primarily religious in scope, and I experience a degree of conflict in regard to divination as it presents in any discipline with which it is associated.  

The bible takes a very clear position on all predictive practices (see  The Problem with Predictive Tarot for more on this).  And yet, I read Tarot, have an interest in astrology and a new fascination with the symbolism of numbers. 

I do not make hard and fast predictions in Tarot, as a matter of fact I try to stay away from predictions as best I can, and consider Tarot most importantly an instrument of spiritual insight - not a vehicle of fortune telling.  While astrology and numerology can be thought of in the same way certainly, it is difficult to deny their inherent emphasis on future.

For me it is all, in a most fundamental sense, about energy.  If we are open minded, it is not difficult to imagine that the heavenly bodies exert an energetic influence here on earth.  This is particularly true of the 2012 phenomena and the so-called galactic alignment though I am far from convinced that it all boils down to a single day. 

If energetic influences do in fact exist however, whether planetary or otherwise, it seems reasonable to me that they are predictable - not only in terms of naturally occurring cosmic phenomena but in terms of trends.  In my experience, energy has momentum and can be considered forward moving though not necessarily unstoppable and this is my context in reading Tarot. This viewpoint does not however explain the curious phenomenon of numbers.

Why do numbers, specific numbers and combinations of numbers, have meaning?  This is not an easy question to answer.  I am convinced in the sacred symbolism of numbers in Gematria, quite convinced by dreams and religious experience that certain numbers have a very real spiritual context - by association. 

What I do not understand is why certain numbers such as 12/12/2012 coincide with events or why my reduced birth date of seven and its traditional Pythagorean interpretation seem to fit me so well and while the true answer to this question is well beyond the scope of this article or perhaps even my own capacity to understand it is something I come back to repeatedly.

It seems to me that symbolism is indeed encoded in our human experience in a numeric sense and while numbers may well be a human construct they are a remarkable consistent construct with the ability to consistently express complex truths as is proved by mathematics.  Numbers may therefore not only be considered not only a construct of thought but the apparent universal language of forces that we cannot otherwise comprehend. 

Accepting this viewpoint, it seems quite possible that the numerology is equally valid in way that I cannot fully appreciate at this point in my development.  It is by the consideration of things, however, that we progress.

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  1. The way that I choose to look at any reading is as a possible outcome. Nothing is written in stone. Astrology, numeralogy, Tarot, Angel readings are all topics of interest to me. I have learned to trust the occasional small bits of channeling that I have done in the past. It doesn't always make sense to me but it almost always has meaning for the person that receives it.

  2. I too see possibilities in Tarot, not set in stone outcomes. I have not done any channeling for others as of yet - at least not intentionally :) At this point it is just for me but I know what you mean about things making sense to the client but not to one's self. Sometimes when I ask, does this make sense to you, I am thinking - I certainly hope so because it is confusing as can be to me! Luckily, as you said, it generally has meaning for the client. Thank you for taking the time to comment! Hope to see you here again!

  3. Barbara, I have never done channeling for a client either. There are just sometimes that I know something that needs to be said to a person for some reason that I am not always aware of. I have learned to trust these knowings and say what I hear in my head. It can be scary because sometimes I may not know the person very well. There is always the fear that they will think I am crazy. I have learned to trust whatever sends this voice and these words to me. It doesn't happen very often but I really listen when it does. Sometimes my writing on my blog comes from this intuitive space as well.

  4. Hi Patricia. Creativity is an intuitive thing for me as well. Also - trust in oneself seems to be a common denominator for both. Thank you again for your comments. I hope to hear from you again!


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