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The Number 7 by D-BH
Seven is my life path number (8 + 22 + 1957 or 8 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 7 = 34 and 3 + 4 = 7). I have blogged about the number seven in a previous post but wanted to do something a little more in depth.

In Pythagorean or Western numerology, seven is considered to be an intellectual number and those with a life path of seven are known to be spiritual seekers drawn to metaphysical study. Seven's also have a love of solitude which may make it difficult for them to form close relationships. Finding a balance between intimacy and isolation is a challenge for this life path.

More about the Number Seven:

There are seven days of the week and Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. White light may be divided into the seven colors of the visible spectrum. In music there are seven musical notes. Christianity identifies seven deadly sins and hell is said to contain seven gates.

In the Hebrew Bible, God rested on the seventh day of creation making the seventh day the sabbath and the holiest of days. The ark rested on the seventh month and the dove was sent out on the seventh day. The Menorah has seven branches and the Temple took seven years to build.

There are seven Hathors (or fates) in Egyptian mythology and the priestesses of Hathor have seven jars and seven tunics. Ra has seven hawks representing the seven wise ones and there are seven houses of the underworld, as depicted in Egyptian myths, with three times seven gates. Seven is the sacred number of Osiris. It is also the number of the seven planets, or wandering stars, of the ancients.

In western mythology seven was considered sacred to Apollo, whose lyre has seven strings, and to Athene/Minerva and Ares/Mars. The deity Pan had seven pipes. There were said to be seven wise men of Greece.

In Hinduism there are Seven Jewels of the Brahmans and seven gods before the floods. Persian mythology identifies seven heavens and considers seven to be the perfect number. The chakra system numbers seven energy centers.

The cave of Mithras has seven doors, seven altars, and a ladder with seven rungs depicting the seven grades of initiation into the mystery schools. In Pythagorean numerology, seven is a cosmic number combining the three of heaven and four of the world. (The 34 of my birth date before reduction.)

To read my full numerology report please see the following entry: My Decoz Numerology Report.

This post references in part the following article on Crystalinks. Image is an original digital artwork by D-BH. You can see more of his work @

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