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Archangel Michael by Gonzalo Perez
Was blessed to receive a wonderful face to face reading from my good friend and gifted psychic Tarot reader, Tara.  My question concerned my recent foray into channeling.  The info I received was interesting not only because it resonated with me but because it closely paralleled another recent reading by Blog Talk Radio's Julie Miller, also focusing on my channeling.

While I can't remember every card drawn some did stick with me.  Tara initially drew the Eight of Wands which she interpreted to mean that the information I'm getting is not my imagination or inner voice but of spiritual origin.  This was followed by the King of Swords which she intuitively read as the archangel Michael (the same angel mentioned in Julie's reading).  This was followed by the Ace of Cups which both Tara and I have long associated with the transmission of spirit.

At one point she drew a card, and said, I want to say that you have the knowledge but they're telling me to say, courage.  I loved that.  Exactly the message I needed to hear!  She also told me that she saw me in the role of a healer - another correlation with Julie's reading.  How very affirming it is when info from two very different psychics lines up like this!

Tara also gave me some of the same info I received in my first attempt at channeling.  Specifically that I have personal healing to do and I think that on an emotional level that is very much the case.  She was also supportive of my writing, indicating that I can help people through my writing and this is, of course, the goal.

*The painting featured in this blog entry is entitled "St. Michael Vanquishing the Devil" and is the work of the early 15th century Spanish painter Gonzalo Perez.  It is currently housed in the National Galleries of Scotland and would make in my estimation a wonderful King of Swords in the next Renaissance revival deck.

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