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My good friend Tara Miller is a very sought after local psychic and Tarot card reader - one of only a few people I know who reads Tarot as their day job!  Tara currently has a very long wait list for a reading in her home in NE PA and if you are lucky enough to get a reading from her you will immediately understand why there is a queue.  Tara has wonderful energy and a high degree of accuracy.  She has made some astonishing predictions for me over the years and I have learned so much from her!

In order to reach more people and share what she knows about Tarot, Tara has started a great new radio show on BlogTalkRadio called Beyond the Veil.  Each episode addresses a specific spiritual topic and provides free readings to callers.   The topics are varied, some are related to Tarot, others to spiritual living or other metaphysical subjects - all provide great information.  The readings are very insightful, not just for the callers lucky enough to get a free reading from this very successful psychic but for those of us who are working on expanding our own reading skills.

I have embedded the following episode below because I found it especially helpful.   It begins with Tara's special insights on Tarot and concludes with a fantastic relationship reading - a type of reading even the most seasoned readers sometimes find challenging.  In this reading Tara gives insightful, detailed and caring advice to a caller struggling with a less than perfect relationship.  One thing I love about Tara's readings is that she always stays true to her psychic insight while at the same time providing sensitive, positive and encouraging psychic information.

Listen to Beyond the Veil.
New episode of Beyond the Veil broadcasts every Friday night @ 11PM EST!

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