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"Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America" is a feature length documentary spotlighting the on-camera channeled messages of five individual American channels including Lee Carroll (co-author of the Indigo Children books) and Wendy Kennedy, channel of the Pleidian Collective.

The individual channel are interviewed both while conscious and again in a channeling trance state, answering a series of similar questions. Although the channels are interviewed in separate locations, the film is structured so that each channel can respond to the stated question or topic in turn. This format emphasizes the remarkable consistency of the messages as provided by these five individuals.

None of the featured channels addressed their degree of familiarity with prevailing New Age concepts prior to their experience with channeling leading some present at our home viewing to wonder if these channelers had merely "read the same books." Perhaps. It is an interesting feature of channeling however just how similar, one might even say universal, channeled messages can be.

In my opinion, Spirit Channelers is fairly representative of these messages. The channels themselves are interesting and the film comprehensive and informational. In addition to Carroll and Kennedy, the film features channeled content by Shawn Randall, Geoffrey Hoppe, Darryl Anka and John Cali.

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