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Sometimes I get very specific advice from spirit and this happened recently during meditation when it was suggested that I undertake healing through chakra work. I have been doing chakra meditation off and on for a number of years but never with the specific intention of healing so I dutifully headed off to amazon to find a book specific to chakra healing.

The book I selected is called "The Book of Chakra Healing" by Liz Simpson. It is a beautiful book with lots of color, wonderful layout and design and some really great photography. Seven methods of balancing are provided for each of the seven chakras: universal themes or archetypes, creating a personal altar, yoga type physical exercise, crystal healing, meditation and affirmations. I found the content, which may considered introductory to some, to be both comprehensive and well presented.

While I am not big on archetypes ordinarily some of the information given did resonate for me and I was surprised to find that I have done some of the postures intuitively for problems associated with specific chakras. I found the information on crystals useful and again found that I have used a few of these intuitively for specific chakra work as recommended in the book. In addition to crystals Simpson lists plenty of correspondences for each chakra including incense, oils, animals, life lessons and physical systems. If you enjoy well illustrated reader friendly idea books with plenty of keywords, I think you will be pleased with this The Book of Chakra Healing.

Although all of the photos were wonderful, I found the images of the individual chakra altars especially lovely and inspiring. I am presently working on an angel altar but plan to create a chakra alter as well in the very near future. All in all, I found The Book of Chakra Healing to be a wonderful introduction to chakra healing and am happy to recommend it to anyone looking for introductory book, refresher book or illustrated reference.

Please note: I will discussing The Book of Chakra Healing as well as the topic of healing through the chakras live on air tonight at 11PM EST on The Mystic Review Radio Show via internet radio at with my guest Jenny Sieck, an intuitive jewelry designer involved with various forms of energy work including chakra clearing work. Hope to "see" you then! And if you can't listen live, remember you can always catch the show anytime in the archives.

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