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Fortune Stellar by Christiana Gaudet is not just another how to read tarot book but a guided journey into defining and structuring your own tarot reading business.

The book begins with four very different business case studies: Joe, a retired Social Worker, Lucy, a single mom, Dana, a successful business woman suddenly down-sized and Eugenia a 70 years young experienced reader just making the jump to professional tarot.  Fortune Stellar traces their progress as they conceptualize and initiate their uniques tarot businesses through a series of wonderful tarot based exercises design to encourage intuitive thinking and creativity. 

The book covers a wide range of topics including vision and mission statements, structuring your business, branding, the media, ethical issues specific to tarot, creating (and closing) sacred space, and establishing a connection with clients.

Christiana offers great nuts and bolts advice on dealing with dis-empowered clients, giving bad news, working with dependent or dishonest clients, rephrasing questions, strategies for deciphering confusing arrays and your reading comfort zone bottom line.  Hands on intuitive tarot exercises to help the established or would be reader define and manifest their own tarot reading business and  succinct essays on related disciplines such as numerology or Kabbalah make this an extremely well-rounded book.

Not only for tarot professionals, Fortune Stellar can be applied to almost any spiritually based business by anyone who relies on the cards for advice and direction.  In addition to providing wonderful practical and intuitive business advice, the book encourages the spiritually inclined businessperson to empower themselves by looking within as well as to spirit for direction in their chosen field. 

Please Note:  I am thrilled to announce that Christiana will be appearing on The Mystic Review Radio Show Thursday @ 11PM EST on BlogTalkRadio.  We will be taking calls on professional tarot, ethics and spirituality in business.  This is a great opportunity to get some targeted intuitive business advice from one of the best!  And even if you don't catch the show it will be available at the above URL in the archives on an ongoing basis.

About Christiana:  Certified Tarot Grandmaster Christian Gaudet has been a successful, full-time tarot professional since 1994.  From her office in West Palm Beach, Florida, she offers reading and instruction to a world-wide clientele.  Christiana is the founder of Tarot Circle study groups In CT, PA and FL (how we met), and is currently the organizer of the Tarot Circle Meetup of the Palm Beaches.  Christiana has performed readings on nightclub stages, broadcast radio and network television.  She is a sought-after speaker and teacher at conferences and festivals nationwide.

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