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I watched the film White Noise 2 tonight with my kids.  It was pretty much what I expected: a fast paced thriller with a few good tricks and a highly imaginative spin on the afterlife.  Certainly, we have seen worse.  But I felt a bit let down afterward.  The original White Noise made quite an impression on me, Universal Studios Hollywood hype aside.  After I watched it, I decided that scientific inquiry into the spirit realm was possible.  So I bought a digital recorder and started visiting graveyards at night in search of EVPs.

I recorded several.  One which was, in my opinion, not bad and you can listen to it in the player that follows (and elsewhere on this blog).  I have to say that I had a lot of fun playing paranormal investigator.  It was adventurous and just scary enough to be interesting. But it didn't convince me of anything.  I already knew that ghost energy was real.

My first experience with spirit was with the living.  It was a sense I got sometimes from very old people or very young.  An energy, almost a pitch if you will, a frequency something like the sound of  a tuning fork.  And it did something to me.  It resonated with something inside of me in a way that is still difficult to describe. 

Sometimes I felt the energy in certain places: my grandmother's kitchen, the last bedroom at the end of the hall, outside in the greenhouse but never in newer homes.  Certainly never in our own 1960s suburban split level.  At least not until a week or two after my grandmother died and I walked into the guest room, the room she stayed in when she visited us, and felt her energy as clear, no clearer, than any other physical sensation I had ever felt.  In that moment I understood with a certainty no EVP could ever match just what that kind of energy was really about.

Other more specific experiences followed.  Some were auditory, others were visual.  They were all spontaneous, unexpected and unattributable to ordinary 3D phenomena.  As the years have passed I have heard voices and laughter, seen exceptionally distinct light and dark forms, and gotten the vibe on countless occasions.  And while I am receptive, I don't feel that I've experienced any real reciprocity.

For me on a very personal level, this phenomena exists as a proof of spirit and proof of spirit opens the door to a belief in a multidimensional universe which is in my opinion very important.  For me, the proof is the point and while I am happy to listen in on ghost energy, I don't connect with it the way I do with spirit guide / angel energy.

EVP follows:

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