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As 2012 approaches people are becoming increasingly aware of universal and planetary cycles, the mystery of our collective history and the condition of our planet.  There is more to this than a fascination with an ancient calendar, the product of a culture with which few of us in the West have any obvious connection, however.

The phenomena in itself is, in my opinion, evidence of a certain resonance, an almost unexplainable heart-felt connection with a largely forgotten ancient truth and it is being experienced not only here in the west, but globally, in ever increasing numbers.

The speculation regarding 2012 and its connection to ancient history, galactic convergence and what many consider to be divine revelation is well beyond the scope of a single article.  I am however planning to address some of these topics on an ongoing basis spanning the next several months.   This is not, perhaps, traditional mysticism but I feel that it is still consistent with my vision of this publication.  

In modern times the mystic is generally thought of as an individual who has direct access to the divine.  The word itself however is derived from the Greek (mystikos) which in its original form referred to an initiate of the Eleusinian Mysteries.  And while this is not, perhaps, our context it suggests connection with hidden truth, ancient history and esoteric knowledge which I find quite appropriate. 

I consider all approaches, whether direct or indirect, equally valid while still acknowledging the existence of varied but inherent strengths and weaknesses.  Going forward I hope to include articles which address spirituality  and mysticism in terms of modern revelation, as well as sacred texts and other ancient records.  I will continue to address more traditional subjects such as Kabbalah and Tarot, as well as general New Age topics, but I will be honest - I feel my emphasis shifting.

I hope that my readership will maintain an interest!

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