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Don't let the title of this book fool you. All of Sonaya Roman's books are deeply spiritual and they are effective at soul level even when the title sounds specific to our material reality.

So what is "Creating Money" really about? On a level it is very much about money. At its heart however the book directly and comprehensively addresses the spiritual and energetic principles related to money, as well as those concerning abundance, creativity and defining your life's work. All of which are very important topics in my estimation. To succeed in a universe built fundamentally upon energy, an understanding of the energetic principles contributing to success is a wonderful advantage.

Sonaya Roman, the author of "Creating Money," is a writer, speaker and teacher but she is also, first and foremost, a channeler. She has been channeling and communicating the messages of a nonphysical being she refers to as Orin since the early 1980s. Her website provides a wealth of resources for anyone interested in manifestation, meditation, chakra work or connecting with their own spirit guides. Her book "Opening to Channel" is the best resource for this endeavor I have read to date and her audio meditations are incredible. Taking all of this into consideration, I picked up "Creating Money" even though I was a little iffy on the title, if not the entire idea of manifesting wealth.

I am not, broadly speaking, sold on the law of attraction. Yes, I do believe that there are very real spiritual principles related to material success but I see a multitude of forces at work on the material plane, many of which are, quite apparently, not mine to command. It is, in my opinion, impossible to wish away consequences of our own free will choices let alone those of very large pool of others who directly and indirectly affect us. Furthermore, it is my belief that every soul undertakes certain life path lessons that cannot be circumvented. In my opinion, there are many human goals that are not consistent with what we are meant to accomplish at soul level.

I do however agree that we can influence our lives energetically and that spiritual principles are very real factors in the realization of abundance and success. I believe that ideas about scarcity create scarcity, for example, not only for the individual but for the world at large where essentially fear-based behavior patterns lead to hoarding, profiteering and the artificial manipulation of resources. I believe that competition on all appreciable levels is essentially ego based and almost always detrimental. I believe that a lack of faith in ourselves can be just as limiting as perceived shortages of 3D assets and abilities. I believe that doing what we love is the surest path to a successful life experience even in the most competitive of fields and that playing it safe in our careers has a way of disappointing us in the end.

Having said all this, I do not believe we can manifest whatever we want or, even more importantly, that we should manifest it. And this where I part company with certain writers and speakers focusing on the anything goes version of the law of attraction.

This is not to say that we cannot realize our dreams in essence and this is an important point made repeatedly in the pages of "Creating Money." The book encourages the reader to explore dreams and ideas about success. It also suggests you ask yourself what you expect the realization of those dreams to create in an emotional sense. It goes on to recommend a certain amount of non-attachment to a specific result and an attitude of allowing the universe to respond in essence, that is to say in the manner consistent with your highest good. For me, this is an important point not adequately stressed by many law of attraction proponents.

I found "Creating Money" to be a positive yet practical approach to manifesting abundance placing a strong emphasis on spiritual principles which I find essential. The exercises for magnetizing are wonderful and I found the exercises aimed at helping me recognize and follow inner guidance, transform beliefs, understand flow and realize my life work to be very beneficial. The book features some great affirmations and some very helpful case studies which do not read like composites but like real people achieving real success.

"Creating Money" is available in print and in audio format. Expanded versions of the exercises can be purchased separately in audio and these worked especially well for me. Each section of the book has what Roman refers to as a "playsheet" making "Creating Money" something of a workbook which is in my opinion a very effective format for this type of content.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I have their creating Money audio book but havent listen to it yet. I will try reading it now...

  2. You're welcome! I do not have the audio book, only the meditations. With this I think the book is nice because it has the work sheets (she calls them "play sheets") but I'm sure you could work from the audio too, using a notebook. Hope to hear back on how the book works for you. Thank you so much for commenting!


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