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I have not quite finished Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives and am already diving into the author's second book Destiny of Souls. I have high hopes for it because I found the first book nothing short of amazing.

Dr. Michael Newton PhD. is a counselor and hypnotherapist who discovered soul regression quite by accident during the course of treating his own patients with hypnotherapy.  By tapping into the client's soul experiences between physical incarnations he was able to elicit a large amount of detailed information on what his client's believed to be soul memories.

Over time, and with his patient's permission, Dr. Newton believes that he has interviewed hundreds of souls, questioning them on the specifics of spirit world, and receiving surprisingly consistent information.

Journey of Souls is largely made up of direct transcription of interviews between Dr. Newton and his clients and utilizes specific case studies to illustrate particular aspects of the spirit world.  Through a series of interviews the book book addresses death and departure from the physical plane, the mechanism of travel to the realm of spirit, the spiritual homecoming, meetings with guides, the soul group and provides a wealth of detail about what a religious person might refer to as heaven.   While the book does quite obviously deal with the topic of death I found it to be extremely positive and affirming.  It is available through Amazon in both print format and audio.

For those new to the topic much of the content of Journey of Souls may seem fantastic.  So fantastic that I might have discounted it altogether if it hadn't been consistent with one of my own truths - an incredibly vivid, as well as unusually complex and coherent dream which I experienced in the summer of 2008.  Comparing that dream to Dr. Newton's accounts of the spirit realm I feel that I can at last understand it.  (You can read my account of this dream in the blog entry Dreams: The Wandering Soul.)

It is interesting that while I originally based the title of the above entry on a Jewish tradition which maintains that the soul wanders during dreams I did not have any real sense that my own spirit had in actuality wandered while I was asleep.  Comparing several facets of this dream to Dr. Newton's account of the afterlife, however, I believe that during this dream my soul  did indeed travel into the realm of spirit, encountering my soul group and guides. 

In my dream experience, my guide was a woman in blue and the blue of her jewelry and clothing was vivid and incredibly beautiful - significant to me even as I dreamt it.  I found it interesting to read in Dr. Newton's book that blue is frequently associated with spirit guides.  This ran counter to my  concept of spirit and color at that time (I would have expected white or violet to denote highly evolved spiritual energy).

Perhaps the most compelling parallel between my dream and Dr. Newton's description of the spirit world occurred in paragraph 13 of the  dream and again in the last two paragraphs written.  To summarize: during my dream journey to the spirit world (which I did not at the time conceptualize as the spiritual realm) my group attended a spiritual lecture.  After returning to the everyday life of the dream, I found that the speaker we had listened to on our journey had died while we were away.  As all other aspects of the dream were highly coherent, it seems unlikely that this wasn't significant.

In other words, the speaker could not have been gravely ill in the dream hospital, or already passed, and at the same time giving a spiritual lecture in another location.  I did not understand the importance of this element until I read Dr. Newton's book.  Coupled with the association of color and other symbolism of the dream, it clicked.  My dream journey was indeed a journey of spirit.

In an interesting incidence of reciprocity (or synchronicity), it is both exciting to feel that I have at last solved the puzzle of this very meaningful and mysterious dream and surprising to think that without having first experienced it I would have found Dr. Newton's book too fantastic to be believed.

Thanks to Jill Renee of Beacon for Lightworkers for recommending this book!

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  1. This is one of the first "spiritual" books I read along with Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss that you may want to look into if you have not already read it. I think "discovering" reincarnation at a fairly late age (probably in my thirties) was my first spiritual breakthrough.

  2. Hi Helen! Thank you so much for commenting. Funny that you mentioned Many Lives, Many Masters. I have the book and have read bits of it in the past but do not really remember much about it. I was just saying to myself today, that I should put it on my reading list :) Now that you have recommended it, I definitely will. I thought Journey of Souls was amazing. Would be so cool to experience the type of hypnosis Dr. Newton conducts!


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