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While I don't necessarily believe that there are no coincidences, I do believe that there are a lot less of them than most of us suppose.  I think that many of the events we write off as coincidences are in actuality synchronicities between the spiritual and the physical, connecting points if you will between our conventional 3D reality and the seemingly elusive realm of spirit.  Because of this belief, I feel that the messages synchronicities give are always significant.  

To put the spiritual 'evidence' synchronicities represent into perspective, however, I want to first mention other sorts of evidence.  These are occurrences that many of us, even most of us, accept without ever really analyzing.  Relatively common events such as paranormal experience for example occur at least occasionally to a great many people but somehow become part of the world view of only a relative few.  Faced with solidity of our visible world it is all too easy to dismiss an event that 'couldn't' be real.  People may even say, 'I couldn't believe my eyes' and mean it!

Case in point:  I heard my first ghost when I was sixteen years old.  It was not my first experience with spirit but my earlier experiences were either heart centered (felt) or 'heard' in the form of interior dialogue.  This experience was different.

I was sitting in the kitchen of an old farmhouse when I clearly (really) heard people talking outside, though the words were muffled.  It was objectively obvious to me that they walking around on the old wooden porch preparing to come in.  I wasn't alarmed because people were expected.  "Here they are," I thought.  The old screen door squeaked.  Then nothing.  Perplexed, I got up to see what the problem was, opened the door and - you guessed it - found nobody there.

This experience should have convinced me of something I already half knew.  The reality of spirit should have become a cornerstone of my belief system.  Instead I set this experience, as well as a series of disturbing dreams and a second event that occurred in the same location, aside and did not revisit the memory for several years.

Experiences such as these  should lead each of us to question the apparent nature of reality (one very positive reason for the phenomena of ghost energy in my opinion) but the truth is they frequently don't or, as in my case, a couple of replays and few really blockbuster events (which occurred elsewhere) are required to really get the ball rolling.  Examined or not, however, displays of paranormal activity are not only evidence of spirit, they are evidence of  an invisible reality and as such should pose important questions about spirit, space and the universality of physical laws.  Questions that far too few people ask.

So where do synchronicities fit in?  If visions and auditory phenomena are true 'eye witness' accounts, synchronicities are admittedly merely circumstantial evidence.  This does not mean that we should discount them.  Quite the contrary, in my opinion; we should actively look for them.  They may be easy to miss but they are very important.  In a court of law, circumstantial evidence lends credibility to evidence which may seem extraordinary, making the layering of circumstance an important part of building a case.  The more circumstance there is, the more believable a given scenario becomes.  Small things take on significance. 

And this is true of synchronicity as well.  Once a person learns to pay attention, it is my experience that they will notice that synchronicities happen a lot.  Far too often, in my opinion, and too exactly to be written off as random.

If the direct experience of paranormal phenomena gives evidence of an invisible reality, what do synchronicities say?  They may be considered evidence of the unseen, of course, but they tell us something about this invisible realm that the experience of ghosts for example does not.  Because they are frequently helpful or instructional, synchronicities speak of a caring and compassionate universe, spiritual or God-force.  Or at least they do to me.

Sammy napping.
My most recent synchronicity concerned my dog, Samson who has been sick these last four years with what has become a very severe case of kidney disease.  Three years ago I was told he had a had few weeks to live.  We have been on borrowed time so to speak for a while now and that time is running out.  What he means to me is beyond the scope of this article and perhaps beyond words altogether.  I will say that he is best friend in the world and leave it at that.

My goal at this point in his treatment, which is both extensive and costly, is that he will have a good summer and I have prayed about this a lot.  Last week he took a sudden turn for the worse.  It seemed hopeless but after a visit to our wonderful vet and a lot interaction with spirit, I decided to admit him to the animal hospital for a transfusion.  The proposed treatment may see us til the end of the summer in the emergency vet's opinion, then again it might not.

The cost of the transfusion was $1086 which was far more than I expected.  I had 570 dollars in hand and a three hundred dollar check from my oldest son.  My middle boy who had accompanied me had exactly 216 dollars in his wallet.  Between the three of us we paid for Sammy's care without a dollar left over.  As my son took his worldly wealth out  of his wallet, he said "I guess it's meant to be."  An offhand comment from a very committed spiritual skeptic but perhaps it is a start.

Events like this are easy to dismiss and we do dismiss them more frequently than we are even aware of.  It is far better in my opinion to look for their occurrence, far better to be open  and to reflect on the messages they share:  Life is not easy.  Suffering is everywhere.  But compassion is just as available and it is accessible to all of us.  And of course, most importantly, beyond the visible a mysterious and wonderful reality awaits. 

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