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Celestite Geode.
This method of clearing crystals is one among many listed in a book I am currently reading, "Spiritual Clearings," by Diana Burney.  This particular clearing involves the use of dry sea salt and while it may be familiar to some, I have not heard of it before.  Depending on your personal connection to the source of your salt (Dead Sea, Celtic etc.) this process could be quite meaningful on an individual level.
  1. Cover your crystals entirely with dry sea salt and allow them to remain submerged, not touching, for a period of three days.
  2. Remove the crystals (dispose of the salt) and rinse each crystal under cool running water.
  3. Allow crystals to dry naturally in direct sunlight.
While all of the protocols are good, this one appealed to me in particular because it can be individualized so readily.  Special salt could be selected. The rinsing process could be done in fresh flowing water such as a river, stream or small waterfall. The crystals could be dried in either moonlight or sunlight and astrological or astronomical considerations could be factored in as well. Furthermore, it makes use of all four elements (assuming you allow your crystals to dry outside in the fresh air) which makes it more balanced, in my opinion, than some other methods.  In addition to being cleared of negativity, crystals cleansed with this protocol are recharged with positive energy.

Please see Diana Burney's book, "Spiritual Clearings," for more info on energetic clearing of individuals and property. For a review of this book please see above blog entry: "Spiritual Clearings by Diana Burney."

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