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My crystals spent Saturday night outside basking in the light of the full moon.  This  is  how they looked when I went out to get them the next morning - beaming with good energy!

The picture includes Selenite Tower (top left), two pieces of Prehnite (green cluster and tumbled green stone near bottom), two Kyanite pieces (elongated blue stones), Apophyllite (big white cluster right corner) three Amethyst (two purple clusters on left and another cluster below plus one polished heart), three Quartz Crystal Points (two in second row and one near bottom), two Fluorite Chips (dark purple stones middle and front), Tumbled Rose Quartz (pink stone in middle) and Tumbled Lapis (lower right corner).  I cannot remember the names of the two light blue stones (one egg and one tumbled) which were given to me by my friend, Tara (must ask!).

I realized the next morning that I forgot to put out my Rose Quartz pendulum (also a gift from Tara), my Jade Egg and both of my Celestite Clusters.  Also did not get my sons' crystals out before they went to bed :(  Better luck next moon.  My collection is small but growing.  Have a really long list for next year's local crystal show!  Click to enlarge pic for a closer look.

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