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I was at my friend Tara's house last weekend, actually there alone (Tara was out and I was waiting for my BF who was remodeling the kitchen) with nothing really to do but wait and this gave me a great opportunity to look through her book collection.  I read a bit of this and a bit of that and then settled into "Spiritual Clearings" by Diana Burney which I ordered on the spot (via my Blackberry which is just incredibly handy for ordering books on the fly).  

I received the book earlier this week and did my first clearing this morning.  It is an easy book to work from, providing a script for individual, business and home clearings which can be read aloud directly from the book.  Some of the energies invoked are Christian and some are Judaic with some references to other traditions (Asian and Hindu).  I found it relatively easy to personalize, substituting affirmations for some of the Christian prayers listed, and using some general New Age or nondenominational references when that felt right to me.

The author recommends allowing yourself an hour for  the individual clearing though I was able to complete mine in less.  I think it is too soon to say whether or not it was effective but the visualizations and ideas were appealing to me and I expect good results.  I particularly liked the author's checklist of conditions and experiences indicating a clearing is needed - very comprehensive, listing several situations that I might not have thought of.  

"Spiritual Clearings" covers a variety of topics related to energy work including chakras, feng shui, and spiritual protection.  While not all content will be new to all readers, the book provides a good overview of a variety of topics as well as comprehensive instruction in energetic clearing work.

I am planning to use the house clearing in both my own home and on a property which is currently for sale.  This for sale property has several issues and I have had some unusual experiences there as well as a recent telling dream concerning it.  Will provide more info and an update when I blog on the clearing process in this location!

Diana Burney has been doing clearing work for over fifteen years.  She performs clearings on property, people and pets and has been active in real estate, doing successful clearing on many high priced properties including the Versace mansion (which sold within five weeks of a remote clearing performed by the author). 

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