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What is really amazing about Edgar Cayce is how many topics now considered the province of New Age thought or even new age physics are contained within his readings.  This a revelation to me, having come to Cayce's reading rather late and in a round about way.

I first read Edgar Cayce in high school.  The material was not for me at that time or perhaps the book I chose (now lost in the mists of time) was not a good one.  At any rate, I sought my spiritual truths elsewhere then and continued to do so until relatively recently.  I owe this late return to Cayce to a series of circumstances.

The first was the encouragement of my good friend Tara, who has been an amazing spiritual catalyst for me.  Tara is a longtime Cayce fan and we have discovered over time that what resonates with her in a spiritual sense almost always resonates with me (and vice versa).  Her enthusiasm for Cayce sparked an interest in me and I bought two Cayce audio's which I have been listening to off and on over the course of the summer.

While I enjoyed the recordings, I found myself distracted by another topic until a conversation with another friend brought me back to Cayce.  Checking out an internet page on Cayce's readings at the height of hurricane Irene, I read (all in one paragraph) how Cayce claimed that flooding in New York City, as well as strife in Libya, Egypt and Syria would signal the coming of the new age. 

Cayce said a great many other things as well, but these particular predictions were surprisingly timely and this timeliness and the 'coincidence' of three recent and compelling references to Cayce spoke to me.  I decided to give the Cayce material another try.  Instead of returning to the original audio, however, I purchased another recording, Edgar Cayce on Vibrations: Spirit in Motion by Kevin J. Todeschi. For me, there could not have made a better choice. 

Cayce gave thousands of trance state psychic readings on a multitude of topics.  Most concerned the treatment of various medical conditions, while others directly related to a variety of topics, covering subjects as wide ranging as reincarnation, religion, ancient civilizations (including Atlantis), meditation, spiritual dimensions, the akashic record, dream interpretation and science.

In his more scientific readings, Cayce repeatedly stated that everything -  including food, people, light, location, and color - existed in the form of vibration - and went on to talk about what would later become the law of attraction, energy medicine and what I have always thought of as the harmony of place.  If I had read this info in high school it would not have taken me this long to develop an interest in Cayce's readings!

According to Cayce, different locations hold very distinct vibrations and people may resonate with specific places in highly individual and spiritually significant ways.  Others agree with this of course.  Eckhart Tolle says in A New Earth that is was necessary to align himself with the vibration of the Canadian Northwest to write that particular book.  And while physical relocation is a frequent component of spiritual journeys, it may be that Cayce was the first to explain specifically why this is.

In a trance state, Cayce spoke quite definitively on the vibration of place.   Going as far as to recommend that certain individuals relocate for health reasons and that all persons consume local produce as fruits and vegetables grown locally would be more harmonious with their own vibrations.  When advising his own spiritual study group, Cayce gave readings which directed individuals who wished to share their spiritual understanding with others to specific geographic locations where they would be the most effective teachers.  All this, Cayce stated related to vibration.

In my own life, I have always been extremely sensitive to the vibration of place.  Finding the Northeast Pennsylvania of many years ago harmonious while other places were not.  For as long as I can remember, certain locations such as the deep woods or oceans have had a profound effect on me and they continue to do so.  Going back to childhood, I have maintained that I would know the energy of my grandparent's old farmhouse if someone had taken me there blindfolded and my reaction to that place as a child was almost overwhelming.

Todeschi's book provides an excellent reference on this phenomena.  In it, the reader will find comprehensive summaries of Cayce's work as well as invaluable transcripts of dozens of Cayce readings on the topic and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in Cayce, energy medicine or the science of spirituality.  The author's book on Cayce readings on the akashic record (Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Record) is on my reading list as well.

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  1. Hi Barbara,

    The same thing happened to me as well. I was introduced to the Cayce material as a kid but wasn't too attracted by it.
    Recently I have also been reading a lot of his materials and am loving it!
    I find his own words hard or tiresome to comprehend since it is quite archaic. However, the books written by others based on his readings are more approachable.
    I totally loved the book "Edgar Cayce on channeling the higher self" by Henry Reed. Also, Mark Thurston's works on the Edgar Cayce material are brilliant.
    Do check them out.

  2. Hi Raj. Thank you for commenting!

    I actually do have the Channeling Your Higher Self audio book. I don't know how it stacks up to the book but I think the material is very comprehensive and well presented.

    I have not read anything by Mark Thurston yet, but I will definitely look into it. Always pleased to have an excuse to buy another new book!

    Thank you for your recommendations :)

  3. I wonder if it was the language that put me off when I first picked up a Cayce book. I did just order a book called Atlantis which I think is his readings verbatim. Hopefully it will not be too dry!

  4. I bought the book "Meditation and the Mind of Man". Its a very good book on meditation but I just had to quickly breeze through those parts which have the Cayce readings verbatim. Like you, it is really the language that puts me off.

    Hope your tastes have changed and that you like the language in the Atlantis sucks when you don't like a book you have just bought.

  5. Lol, Raj. It does suck.

    I got the Cayce book (Atlantis) yesterday. While I like the idea of having access to the info in Cayce's own words, I do have to say that readings are slow going at times. It seems to be mostly an issue of sentence structure. Maybe because he was speaking in trance state? I've noticed that a lot of channeled content has run on sentences, etc.

    I find myself skimming over the parts of the readings that are not of immediate interest to me and taking the time to ponder over the parts that are.

    I ordered a second book Edgar Cayce on Atlantis by Edgar and Hugh Lynn Cayce which was recommended to me by a friend. It is his son's summaries of the info given in the readings on Atlantis. It should be here today and my plan is to work from both of them.

    For me, the verbatim readings are good as a reference but a little tough to sit down and read cover to cover.

    Will keep an eye out for "Meditation and the Mind of Man." Thank you for your recommendations and comments!


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