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The late Dr. Santos was an educated man holding degrees in both physics and geology.  His book Arysio Santos: Atlantis : The Lost Continent Finally Found (Paperback); 2011 Edition is analytical and I found his observations on geology interesting.

I agree with him in regard to the Atlantic seafloor being, as of this date, fairly well mapped.  It is my personal belief that Atlantis was not a continent but an island and that it is likely that it is not in the Atlantic Ocean at all but somewhere else.  

This is not to say that I believe that we have discovered all the secrets of the Atlantic, only that it seems unlikely at this point that the existence of a large sunken continent has been overlooked.  

According to Dr. Santos' this is because Atlantis was actually in the Pacific / Indian Ocean.  This idea does contradict ancient tradition (including the writings of Plato) which indicates that Atlantis was west of the known ancient world.  But I think that the author makes a good point in saying that the western orientation of the ancients may have been the result a geographical error (which would have been the same 'miscalculation' made by Columbus in regard to the East Indies).  

This miscalculation was central to the 'theory', once proposed by Columbus and others, that a ship would eventually reach the east by setting off sailing west.  The theory made sense - presupposing a belief in a single continuous ocean and a circular world. The miscalculation was not really a miscalculation, at all, but an unawareness of the existence of the Americas.

While I have no way of positively knowing if the contradiction between Dr. Santos' location and ancient accounts is the result of the same unawareness, but I do think that it is a very interesting possibility.

 Dr. Santos' Indonesian Atlantis as seen on his website Atlan.Org
As for the dating of the cataclysmic which claimed Atlantis, I am in complete accord with the information presented in the Dr. Santos' Atlantis.   It does seem quite apparent that Atlantis was a society of the Pleistocene, or most recent Ice Age, inundated by flood on or around Plato's given date for its demise.

I have personally long found it compelling that Plato dates the destruction of Atlantean society to the end of the Pleistocene when large scale flooding secondary to the melting of glacial ice did undoubtedly occur.  Please see my recent blog entry, Seeking Atlantis, for more on Plato and Atlantis as well as the map above in which the green areas indicate dry land prior to the rising sea levels triggered by the end of the Pleistocene.  (Please click map to enlarge.)

While I do not have the knowledge base required to evaluate Dr. Santos linguistics, his ideas in regard to culture seem logical and consistent with the evolution of society to date.  In my opinion, it is not unreasonable that Atlantis flourished in relatively close proximity to the great ancient  civilizations of the Indus Valley and Mesopotamia.  That this location is indeed the specific area of Indonesia as Dr. Santos asserts seems geological feasible and may well be born out by future archaeological exploration.

An inclusion to Atlantis: The Lost Continent Finally Found which I enjoyed very much was the referencing of additional materials via the website.  This was done through footnotes which correspond to a link page on Dr. Santos site,, which provided detailed information, maps or documents for the associated note.

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