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I am member of the ARE (Edgar Cayce's Association for Research & Enlightenment) which is very affordable and has a wealth of great content.

Recently I took advantage of my ARE member discount on the Cayce Past Life Astrology Reading and am so glad I did!

The program which generated the Cayce Past Life report was prepared by Astrologer Ry Redd. Over a period of several years, Redd examined hundreds of Edgar Cayce astrological readings and incorporated Cayce info on planetary influences into the Past Life Astrology program.

The generated in depth report focuses on key planets, aspects and signs as Cayce himself would have done and gives additional detailed information as well. Particularly interesting to me was the content on experience in the planetary realms between lifetimes.

I found my report compelling. It seemed to pretty well nail many of my strengths and weaknesses. It also stressed a late Atlantean past life which was consistent with an amazing channeling session I did with my friend Tara during which she received a very clear vision of my life in Atlantis "near the end."

My report was 11 pages long and cost less than $10. A very brief summary of the info provided follows. Some of it fits me. A lot, I think, pertains to potential or higher purpose not yet realized. I found it very inspiring.

Sun harmonious with Neptune: Mystical, intuitive and spiritual sensitivity. Imagination, creativity, service to others. Abilities related to the arts. Possible early Roman or Egyptian / late Atlantean past life. May have been a seer or healer. Afterlife experience in the Neptune dimension.

Moon harmonious with Mercury: Good intellect and mental capacity due to my soul journeys between lives. Ability to communicate one on one or to large audiences. Natural teacher and writer.

Venus conjoined with Jupiter: Abilities in teaching, writing and counseling. Positive and enthusiastic. Love of nature. Extravagant with tendencies which border on restlessness, stubbornness and overindulgence. Inclined to do good. May have been associated with leaders, such as Moses' family at time of Exodus or Atlantean priest or priestess. Likely Jupiterian sojourn between incarnations.

Venus harmonious with Saturn. The greater gains, both financially and spiritually in this lifetime will be from the middle age on with the earlier part of my life seeming much more difficult. Overcoming these difficulties leads to spiritual growth. In later years may come the great love of my life. An inclination to see difficulties in my relationships as being no fault of my own.

Mars inharmonious with Saturn: Erratic, blow hot then cold. Frequent dissatisfaction with career. Urges toward anger and hastiness in judging others. Special effort required to control temperament. Natural business sense.

Jupiter harmonious with Saturn: Inclined toward the arts. Can set goals. Should not criticize or condemn myself. Possibly counsel others through imagination, soul visions and visualization.

Saturn harmonious with Uranus: Capable of leadership, for example introducing New Age ideas into the more conservative mainstream (my dream). Need to depend more on myself and my own abilities. A likely lifetime in Atlantis.

Sun in Leo: Strength and creativity. Headstrong. Pride and dignity which could be a strength or failing. Might have been a higher ranking Viking. May have been among the Inca, Maya or Egyptian pyramid builders during the last days of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Moon is in Cancer: May have lived in the Pacific Islands recently or in the remote past in the legendary culture of Lemuria. Strong affinity with water.

Moon in Gemini: Two natures: thirst for knowledge and spiritual seeking. Inclination to change my mind. Probably part of European culture during middle ages.

Sun in Leo Decanate: Good soul development with potential for spiritual service. Past life of leadership in Egypt, Persia or elsewhere in Asia.

Moon in Aquarius Decanate: Original but extreme. Clairvoyant. Abilities in psychic or metaphysical areas. Prominent lifetime in Atlantis with potential for fame or infamy (yikes) this time around.

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