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Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon with my good friend Tara catching up and reading Tarot. I received a wonderful reading (as always) and I hope I gave at least a fair one in return. Our questions, as is usual, revolved around career and spirit and how best to combine the two.

My question concerned my problems with the new manuscript, the true nature of my life purpose and my problems with writer's block. Of the latter I will say that, as a former 10 page a day writer. it really can happen to anyone!

Tara began by showing me her new Doreen Virtue Goddess Deck. Looking through the cards, I pulled out the Kali card (at right) looked at the picture and said, I love this card. Surprisingly, it was Tara's favorite as well. This was the first synchronicity.

We set the Goddess Deck aside. I read for Tara and then she read for me. Crazy accurate as always she helped me identify my problems in regard to writing. The cards indicated potential. My blockage was represented by the nine of swords. Tara told me to look at internalized negative concepts from my past and assured me that my present darkness of thought was part of the already initiated process of releasing these impediments.

Tara's always unexpected insight and lovely spiritual energy made me feel as if she had reached into the darkness surrounding me in regard to my life path and gave me a firm tug in the direction I needed to go. I will always be grateful.

At the end of the reading, Tara pulled a single card from the Goddess Deck. And, you guessed it, it was Kali. Tara handed me the card and this time I didn't just look at the picture but read: "The old must be released so that the new can enter." Thinking how synchronistic this was, I suddenly remember the Shiva statue I had given Tara years ago. I asked myself, I wonder if that statue could also represent Kali? As if on cue, Tara said, that she found herself thinking of the Shiva statue as Kali.

For me, three such 'coincidences' are an affirmation of spirit and I am working hard at incorporating the message I was given!

Please check back next week for my review of The Goddess Guidance Deck.

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