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Cyber home to The Association for Evaluation and Communication of Evidence for Survival, the AECES website supplies an incredible selection of carefully documented case studies, biographies, articles, book recommendations and resources on past-life experience. And I could not recommend it more highly.

Of particular interest to anyone looking for evidence of past life experience, The Survival Top 40 section provides detailed reports of verifiable cases of past life recall. The reports, ranked according to the AECES's own hierarchy of evidence are extremely compelling. They include not only dates and names but specific knowledge unknown to person in their present incarnation.

Top 40 past life accounts which I found especially interesting included the story of toddler who recalled his past life as a WWII pilot in extraordinary detail and a chess game played by the living chess giant, Viktor Korchnoi, and deceased past chess master, Geza Maroczy. In the game, Maroczy was represented by a medium with no prior knowledge of chess. Analysts found Maroczy's game consistent with the play of grandmasters from the first half of the century - a very complex ruse to effect.

The Legacy section of the AECES site contains dozens of biographies of known and not so well known contributors to the every growing body of past life knowledge. Some of the better known figures include Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Victor Hugo. Less familiar perhaps but extremely important persons such as Andrew Jackson Davis are represented as well.

I was especially pleased to read the AECES's excellent article on Andrew Jackson Davis as he is someone I am very interested in learning more about. Known as the the "Poughkeepsie Seer" Davis was a leader of the American Spiritualist movement and a leading 19th century writer on spirituality. He is said to have communicated with spirits from a young age and was by all accounts a particularly gifted medical intuitive. He is quoted in the AECES article as follows:
Death is largely a cleansing process, and is the hope of the world, not its point of darkness. So beautiful are its siftings, strainings, and other processes, that the active causes of passions and appetites are dropped and left on earth with the gross materiality. So beautiful is the law of progress, that even the active effects that accompany the individual cannot be perpetuated (as evils and discords) throughout eternity. Why? Because in the center of this universe, a positive power reigns, breathing its spirit throughout the illimitable spaces; and by the slow workings of its progressive laws, it cleanses all personalities of their transient imperfections. Only eternal good can eternally exist.
The AECES website is a wonderful validation for those of us who already feel convinced of reincarnation and a great resource for those still struggling with acceptance. Membership in the AECES is free and allows full access to the site. I have joined and am really looking forward to further online exploration as well as checking out some of the AECES's published material!

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