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We are off to New York City bright and early tomorrow to visit the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment! Although I am a supporting member of the A.R.E. this is my first visit to the A.R.E. headquarters in New York. I am very excited.

I have been planning a trip to the A.R.E. for some time but I choose this weekend because there is a very special workshop on Saturday afternoon. It is being given by certified clinical and past-life hypnotherapist Rev. Kev O'Kane. He will be conducting a group past-life regression!

This workshop is of special interest to me because I am currently studied hypnosis. My immediate goal is to learn general hypnosis and work with smoking cessation and weight loss. Having lost a family member to lung cancer and with another who is currently a smoker, I think this is great to do.

Also as anyone who reads this blog knows I am a great fan of Michael Newton not to mention Edgar Cayce. While I understand that this is advanced work, I would love to someday provide past life and between life regressions to others, as well. I am currently researching hypnotherapy schools and plan to take a home study course, probably through Omni, as soon as I get the money up. Additionally, I'm hoping to take classroom training either in NYC or at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach in hypnotherapy and eventually past-life regression.

I have not undergone past-life regression myself though I have undergone hypnotic regression in therapy. It is an amazing and incredibly validating experience. I can only imagine how powerful it could be as a method of accessing spirit. I would absolutely love to facilitate that for others.

This idea came from several sources. Most notably through the work of Michael Newton and it's relation to my own dream work, as well as through my progress through the A.R.E.'s Life Mission Course. Doing that course made me realize that while I do still very much want to share whatever light I can through writing, it is part of my path to directly help others, too.

Look for more posts on my journey with hypnosis in upcoming entries!

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