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Card for the Blog
2012 promises to interesting year for me and here is the tarot reading to prove it :)

I took some low resolution cell phone photos of the cards I drew both for reference and to include here. Apologies for the quality but I'm in the habit of taking quick pics so I can look at the cards again long after I put the them away.

Today's 2012 reading centers on career, both new and old, and includes three separate spreads for three distinct career paths as well as auxiliary cards.

Blog: The first auxiliary card I drew was for the blog and I was thrilled that it was the Judgement card. All of the angels pictured in Tarot represent real angels in my readings and I love the idea of Gabriel being present in what I do here. The implication is that he will help me communicate something that will contribute to the general spiritual awakening which I fully expect to unfold over the course of 2012. I could not have drawn a better card for the blog!

The three distinct career spreads are shown as a group on the right. The left upper spread is for my writing. The right upper spread (caught in a beam of light) is my new career path. The bottom most spread concerns my retail endeavors which include an online metaphysical shop on etsy (The Mystic Emporium) and a degree of involvement in my son's vintage business (PA Vintage). I will talk about the business spread first. In readings one through three I am using my own Manifestation Spread which is still something of a work in progress designed to give insight into the the spiritual forces (divine energy, karma, life mission or lessons) as they manifest in our lives and advice on to bring about a good result (or avoid a negative one when possible).

Full 2012 Career Spread
Retail Business: I liked this reading (lower 6 cards in the pic on the right) because it accurately portrays the nature of retail (competition and guardedness) via the first card which is the Nine of Wands. In my tarot readings I usually read the second (left hand) card in the spread as the primary energy (usually spiritual) for the topic at hand. In this case, an angelic presence is shown with Temperance and this relates nicely to the fact that I am working with my son and that there is a level of guidance inherent in that. I feel that Temperance also indicates a blending of many activities and says to me that this is okay as long as balance is maintained (balance between other activities as well as retail balance which means the right mix of buying and selling). The third card which shows the general or potential direction (frequently the ideal) of the inherent energy is the Three of Wands which shows good potential for a return.

The last three cards show the process of manifestation on the material plane. They are: the Six of Swords (smoother waters on the horizon), the Five of Cups (very accurately predicting more losses than profits at this stage of the game and cautioning against dwelling on the losses) and the Page of Cups which in this reading indicates a move towards new growth not only in terms of profit but also in the general sense of simply enjoying what we are doing.

Writing Career Spread
Writing: The spread pictured in detail at left relates to my writing. It addresses my current issue, writer's block (not here in the blog but with the manuscript) rather well. First it shows the heart of the problem in the Six of Cups. (fond memories of the past). I was a very prolific writer throughout my life but have not written for sometime. The spiritual force is the Chariot which is extremely accurate. The Chariot is my card in the old tarot-astrology system and my drive to write is not only very intense but what I have always considered to be my life mission. The Ten of Cups in the position of future potentiality is perfect. Writing the manuscript I want to write would make me happy - fundamentally and absolutely.

I read the manifestation line of the writing spread as follows: Ten of Pentacles shows that success may be realized through the application of the characteristics of the Fool. In other words, it is very necessary for me to trust in the process, as well as in myself, and to demonstrate faith by moving forward even if I can't quite see where the manuscript is going at this point in time. The Two of Pentacles shows that this may be an up and down year in regard to writing both emotionally and financially - also that it is quite possible that what I write will not only be subject to juggling in terms of another activity, but will have a strong secondary dimension in regard to content or theme.

Hypnotherapy: The upper right spread, pictured below, concerns my new career path, Hypnotherapy. I first became interested in hypnosis through the work of Brian Weiss and this interest was compounded by Michael Newton's work (Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls) as well as by my study of Edgar Cayce. So I have a strong interest in studying hypnosis with the idea of eventually including past life regression and life between life work in my practice. Additionally, my nursing background creates a strong interest in working with people in treatment of health issues such as weight loss and smoking. In short, I intend to do both and while I love helping people realize their health goals, the spiritual work was uppermost on my mind during this reading.

Hypnosis Career Spread
Needless to say, I loved this spread. The magician shows someone with the tools to manifest their dreams. I do feel I have the ability to realize my new career goals and that I have the interpersonal skills needed to do so. The primary energy, as indicated by the Ace of Cups show all the optimism of a new beginning coupled with a giving spirit and the ability to harness source energy. This is very affirming as I have a recent interest in the symbolism of doves and am running into them everywhere!

The potential outcome as shown by the Justice card fits in very well. In many contexts I read Justice as representing learning, discernment and wisdom. I feel that in this instance, it also suggests that Life Between Life work may be viewed as evidential in regard to the spirit world and I have to admit that this is one of the primary reasons I hope to pursue this area of specialization.

In the row of manifestation, we have the Knight of Cups (which shows forward motion and the desire to help others and myself emotionally) and two major arcana cards. The Hermit is my favorite card, bar none. I won't go into a huge amount of detail here but if you want to read more about this amazing card please refer to my earlier post "Happy World Tarot Day." I will say here, that for me, the Hermit represents what I most want to do in life - learn and reflect and internalize and connect with spirit in order to ultimately share whatever light I can and seeing the Hermit in this position tells me that is what I must continue to do. The sun as the final card in the manifestation line is extremely encouraging. Indicating to me that the light of spirit has a real potential to manifest via my new career choice.

Bridge Card: The last card I want to mention is my bridge card between writing and hypnosis which represents career transition for the coming year. In this case, the card is the Six of Wands, also known as the Victory Card and it is a wonderful card for this position. Wands often suggest creativity and, in my personal readings, frequently relate to writing. Additionally, the Six is a very positive card in regard to any career path. It seems to me that these two activities may very positively impact each other!

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