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Atlantis by Edgar Cayce is an A.R.E. publication which presents the Cayce readings on Atlantis, in their entirety. While not written by Cayce directly it is a direct transcription of his words, as recorded by his stenographer, Gladys Davis, and edited by John Van Auken.

I was initially reluctant to order this 160 page volume because I thought it might not have enough info to justify the cost.  I needn't have worried. There is no fluff in the Cayce material and, while this volume isn't especially lengthy, it delivers a wealth of highly specific information.

The book begins with readings performed for Cayce's own spiritual study group on the topic of Atlantis and progresses through a series of life reading performed for Cayce clients who had experienced past lives in Atlantis.

The past life readings are complete readings and contain content related to Atlantean and non-Atlantean incarnations. I found it interesting to trace the development of the the individual through various incarnations. A person less interested in doing this however can find the Atlantean information toward the end of the reincarnation material in almost every instance.

The Atlantis Readings proper (done for the Cayce study group) are almost entirely focused on the topic of Atlantis. The contain specific information about the long history of Atlantis, including its origin, religion, politics, culture, religion and eventual demise. The readings are surprisingly detailed, as well as comprehensive, making Atlantis a fascinating resource for anyone with an interest in this fascinating subject.

From the text:
"In this temple, we find these of large or semi-circular columns of onyx, topaz, and inlaid with beryl, amethyst, and stones that made the variations in catching the rays of the sun... In this the sacred fires burned..."

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