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I wanted to post a picture of the Archangel Michael on The New Age Review today in gratitude for the guidance he so generously gave me from start to finish of my recent ill-fated real estate venture. For me at this moment in time the demon Michael vanquishes represents equal parts of my own material attachment and the dark residue of the past; the scales: discernment rather than judgment; and the raised sword: the element of air, clear thought and divine inspiration.

In my daily life, I both petition and channel this beautiful angel but because I am wary of channeling when I am too emotionally invested in the topic of inquiry, I mostly petitioned during the negotiations for this particular property. My plea? "If this house is right for us please do all you can to facilitate the process. If it is wrong, please let me know." And I believe that Michael did let me know by strongly triggering my intuition as described in the preceding post.

This time around, I am dialoguing (channeling) INSTEAD of getting overly attached to the property I am considering. The advice I am getting is this, "Apply reason, decide wisely and heed intuition. Take appropriate and timely action but do not exert undue pressure or attempt to manipulate the situation or persons involved. Above all - allow events to manifest naturally per their own timeline." In other words, if you want the assistance of angels, step back and let them work!

I will be adding this beautiful image to the sidebar of my blog.

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