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The Tokens of Light Oracle is a new and highly original method of divination created by Israeli artist and long time student of Kabbalah, Orna Ben-Shoshan.

The oracle consists of 66 individual reading disks cut from good quality card stock and two additional disks which serve as amulets. Each reading disk or token features a miniature of Ben-Shoshan's delightful, well executed and sometimes whimsical fantasy art on one side and a letter of the Hebrew alef-bet, corresponding number and short divinatory description in both Hebrew and English on the other. Ben-Shoshan has created three disks with varying but related interpretations for each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alef-bet giving the oracle a wide range of available interpretations.

The Tokens of Light oracle is packaged in an attractive, well constructed lavender box with a lovely image of our galaxy prominently displayed on the inner lid. The disks may be stored loose in the box or kept separately in the accompanying sheer golden bag. A detailed 86 page booklet provides information on the Hebrew alef-bet, Kabbalah and Sefer Yetzirah and includes a comprehensive interpretation of each of the 66 disks as well as general information on the Hebrew letter they describe.

The Tokens of Light booklet describes the oracle as "a powerful tool for attaining insights about the course of your life...according to the cosmic DNA." It goes on to say that "according to the Kabbalah, the 22 Hebrew letters are considered as channels through which divine abundance flows into the universe." As a tool for divination, the text explains that The Tokens of Light oracle provides insight into the forces affecting life situations and offers a choice of actions which can resolve problems and transform situations to our advantage, as well as restoring health and balance to our lives.

In response to my email interview on the creation of The Tokens of Light oracle Ben-Shoshan shared the following information: "The process of creation was very challenging - to say the least. Many Kabbalah texts relate to the secret powers of the Hebrew alphabet, which is the largest foundation of the universe. When coming to understand the characteristics of each one of the letters, the amount of information is as wide as the ocean. Any chosen letter represents many things with one common denominator - a certain type of energy/current/direction. Furthermore, each letter has positive aspects, that come into manifestation when its natural flow is balanced and un-interrupted, as well as negative aspects, that manifest themselves when the energy/channel flow typical to this letter is interrupted/blocked. These spiritual/abstract qualities are manifested in the physical/mundane realm as qualities, events, and characteristics. Since my major language is Hebrew, and I have been a long-term student of Kabbalah, I took the challenge to interpret the energetic qualities of the letters into a "practical" format that people can easily relate to."

I believe she has succeeded. In The Tokens of Light, I found an oracle capable of both spiritual depth and very direct practical advice. The oracle can be understood in terms of Kabbalah, traditional Gematria or Western numerology, as well as through the individual interpretations listed in the accompanying booklet. Additionally, as each of the 22 Hebrew letters is linked to card from the major arcana of tarot, the oracle allows those who are familiar with tarot to factor in an additional dimension of meaning. The 66 written interpretations provided are both comprehensive and specific. Like Tarot, not all of the information will be relevant to any given situation, but it is all complementary and allows for the intuitive selection of content that pertains to the situation at hand.

In terms of accuracy, I am able to personally give The Tokens of Light a decidedly positive rating. In preparation for this review, I chose to consult the oracle at the onset of a specific situation and re-evaluate the info given after the circumstance had been resolved. The situation I chose was my ongoing search for a new home. At the time, I did my reading I had found a promising house and my plan to purchase appeared favorable. I asked the oracle to focus on this property in particular. I wrote down the names and numbers of the tokens I selected but did not read the full interpretations until after the fact. The reading I was given as I analyze it today included the following info:

  1. Samech 1: "Completion and closing cycles. A need to close the existing cycle [my current residence]. Time is short [true] and there is much to be done [truer still]. Intensive work to complete the project on time. Accumulated debts have to be paid and loose ends tied. At this time, it is possible that old, unresolved problems arise from your past, causing obstructions at the present." Please see my previous entry Finding My Center: The Search for a Place to Call Home to fully appreciate the relevance of this last bit of information. The booklet goes on to note that Samech relates to Sagittarius and the fire element (I am a Leo and my BF is a Sag) as well as the Temperance card in tarot which could not be more appropriate to the situation as it unfolded.
  2. Kaf 2: "Pain and endurance. Instability, fluctuations from one extreme to the other [my state of mind as I experienced severe anxiety regarding the purchase which I could not clearly attribute to either past baggage or intuition at that point because everything looked good externally]...and a tendency to take on significant risks [unknown to me at the time but there nonetheless]. A mixture of opposing energies [my conflict]. This is a situation where you will be influenced by shaky external circumstances the constellation you take part of is collapsing at the end of a process [deal did indeed fall through] and new beginnings are at the door [yes]. Sleep patterns change. You may suffer insomnia and unrest. You have to apply realistic judgment and a lot of patience in order to endure the raging currents and self-control will be the key to your survival. A person who can recruit mental powers to a positive direction...will achieve material success. The letter Kaf represents Pisces, the water element and is attributed to the Moon card in tarot." As I moved through the process of purchasing my dream home, I suffered unexpected mood swings, insomnia, severe anxiety and experienced an impending sense of doom. As it played out, there was something hidden about the property (Moon card) which involved the element of water (the house was in an undisclosed high risk flood zone due to proximity to a creek). I found out about the flood status well after my oracle reading when I was already midway through the purchasing process.
  3. Ayin 3: "Enslavement to matter. Compulsive attraction to a person or situation and a sense of panic at the odds that you may be enslaved by it forever in order to fulfill your desires. An aggravating conflict between your rejection of things that are dictated to you from above [my intuition] and the tendency to sell your soul for material gain. Gaining freedom is only possible if you reduce your dependence on material earthly things [did I mention original woodwork, stained glass and a carved stone mantel?] and settle with less. The letter Ayin is associated with the earth element, the sign of Capricorn and the Devil card" - need I say more?
  4. Zayin 2: "To make a clear cut decision. This aspect of the letter Zayin focuses on substance, meaning and purpose. Things will get better and desires will be fulfilled when you focus on what really matters [the happiness and safety of my family]. You will not get anywhere if you do not make an important decision right now. In order to focus on the major issue, you need to stop everything and ask yourself: 'Who am I and what is my purpose in life?' You may be influenced by your surroundings and absorb confusing messages [very true]. You will need to put aside everything that would not advance you spiritually or materially and break the chains that hinder you [I did]. Once a decision is made, you shall reach a sense of calmness, serenity and balance [thankfully!] The letter Zayin is the seventh letter and its Gematria is 7 [my number]. It is associated with the element of air [clear thought and divine guidance]. In tarot it refers to the Lovers card." My choice (an important aspect of the Lovers card) in this instance involved deciding against something in which I was quite emotionally invested but the anxiety I experienced throughout the purchasing process was so intense that, in the end, losing the dream was an enormous relief.
I hope that the example above illustrates how appropriate and ultimately accurate The Tokens of Light oracle was in my own application. Based on my experience and the wonderful information the oracle offers, I now consider it a valuable tool and intend to use it often as important adjunct to my own intuition. The complete oracle set can be ordered online via the following website: For a closer look at the oracle and its enchanting artwork, please click on any of the photos featured in this article.

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