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I am a member of the Edgar Cayce Book Club on FaceBook. Each month the book club selects a new book for members to read and discuss. Members also get the added privilege of participating in a live online Q & A with the author of the book they are reading! Discussions take place on the book club FaceBook wall and the Q & A takes place via FB chat.

This month's selection is "Edgar Cayce on Auras & Colors" by Kevin Todeschi & Carol Ann Liaros and I enjoyed it so much I have already finished it. The book presents both Cayce's own work with auras and that of Liaros which makes for a wonderful mix of aura and color information.

The Cayce material is presented in in Cayce's own words (as well in summary form) via transcripts of actual readings and through quotations from Cayce's only written work, "Auras: An Essary on the Meaning of Color." Topics covered include the meaning of various colors, associated behaviors, color therapy and the nature of the aura.

Todeschi does a great job of breaking down and explaining the Cayce material and seems to know it inside out. I have enjoyed all of his books, video and audio recordings on Cayce and this book is no exception!

In contrast with Cayce, who saw colors in association with people for as long as he could remember, Carol Ann Lioros developed her own skill with aura reading. She taught aura reading widely, working with both sited and non-sited individuals through regular workshop and the truly amazing Project Blind Awareness program. She maintains that anyone can learn to see auras and provides great instructions on how to do so.

I started practicing visualizing my own aura as I read the book and by the time I got to the end (and the explanation of how to actually do it) found that what I was doing was very close to the method Liaros recommends. As it turns out, my aura is blue-green with a bit of indigo nearest to my body and just a hint of violet farther out. I thought it was really interesting about the blue-green as that relates to healing and I have a background in nursing.

I found that the soft focus Lioros recommends - with and without my eyes half shut - worked well for me. My best results were with my normal bedroom lighting, which is soft, using the off-white wall as a backdrop. I concentrated on my hand and arm, focusing on the space next to the skin. The color took a few seconds to show and when it did was very distinct, mostly close to my skin with a sort of energy trail at the finger tips not unlike a candle flame in shape. I have been able to repeat this on multiple occasions in this location.

I am experimenting with other locations as well and find that I do not see color in all types of lighting. In my living room for example I see only a bright, mostly colorless or light gold emanation. I found it interesting, however, that even though the color is not available everywhere, I do see the same shape including both the trail at the fingertips and an indent near my outer index finger in all locations.

As I understand it, I am seeing the etheric and astral layers but not the entire aura and I am working on expanding my field of vision. Will update on my progress! For more about the energy and science of color please check out the following post: The Frequency of Color.

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