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Edgar Cayce was always unusual. As a child he experienced visions and demonstrated a range of psychic abilities that set him apart from his peers and brought him sometimes unwanted attention. It was never Cayce's desire however to capitalize upon these abilities. Instead it was his dream to be of service, to work as a minister, and raise a traditional family. The ministry was not to be but by a curious twist of fate, Edgar Cayce inadvertently found a way to be of service to others in truly inestimably numbers.

It was a seemingly chance occurrence. At the turn of the last century, Cayce was a young man working as a traveling salesman and building his future when he was unexpectedly struck by a case of laryngitis so persistent it necessitated a change of career. Monthly later, desperate for a cure, Cayce consulted doctors and specialist and finally, at the suggestion of a friend, a hypnotist.

Under hypnosis, Cayce's voice returned to normal. What's more, he was able to correctly pinpoint the cause of his malady and recommend a related course of treatment. The date was March 31st, 1901. In the months and years that followed, Cayce's fame spread and thousands of people from every walk of life appealed to him for help.

Nearly 70% of Cayce's more than 14,000 recorded readings focused on the promotion and restoration of health, providing accurate diagnosis of illness, as well as specific and highly successful cures in cases considered hopeless by mainstream physicians. The information contained in these readings made Cayce so sought after that he would ultimately work himself to exhaustion and perhaps even a premature death in his determination to be of service to others.

The remainder of the Cayce readings addressed questions on such topics as dreams, reincarnation, life mission, psychic phenomena, spiritual growth, prayer, the askashic record, ancient mysteries and the nature of our spiritual reality. This information was, by many accounts, pivotal in the development of the Western New Age movement. 111 years later, the Cayce material continues to provide direction to thousands upon thousands of spiritual seekers around the globe.

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