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I began working with my root or muladhara chakra intensively last week. And while that was week one of the proposed chakra series, it was not quite a full week - so I have decided to continue on into this one. I thought it was important to spend adequate time on this chakra as it has always been something of an issue for me.

My previous experience with the root chakra is an intuitive sense of blockage or energy restriction. This has been born out by meditation and pendulum testing.

To test a chakra by pendulum you can position the pendulum over the chakra point and observe its response. A clockwise rotation may indicate an energy flow (greater or lesser as born out by the spin). A stationary pendulum may indicate a restriction or blockage and this is what I have historically gotten when testing this chakra.

I generally use a rose quartz or clear quartz pendulum to test. I find this kind of testing accurate but do recommend that someone developes a good relationship with their pendulum before they attempt it.

It is also quite easy (and sometimes more reliable) to experience the state of chakra through meditation in which you focus your awareness on each chakra in turn. Many people will get a very clear sense of blockage or flow when doing this. For some this sense presents in a way very similar to physical sensation, for others it will be intuitive. Visually minded people may notice the presence or absence of color in the area of their third eye.

My references for the series are Swami Saradananda's wonderful book, "Chakra Meditation"
and Liz Simpson's delightful "Book of Chakra Healing" and I am finding the multidisciplinary approach of both authors to be just incredibly helpful. The essential oil I am working with this week is clary sage (Saradananda), though I would like to add sandalwood or patchouli as well (both authors). I am also holding both hematite and smoky quartz (recommended in each of the texts) when I meditate. I am doing the prescribed yoga poses (Saradananda's down facing dog and tree pose) as well as Simpson's very simple exercises though not (I must admit) very consistently.

I am currently working primarily with Saradananda's yantra mediation which includes very specific instructions for using the yantra provided in the book. I have not done much work with any kind of external visual aid during meditation in the past and am finding it challenging. I find the idea of the yantra as a doorway to the world of spirit fascinating, however, and am having some success at visualizing it.

I am enjoying learning about the yantras as well. The maladhara yantra (right) represents the element of earth (square) or grounding. Its triangle symbolizes the feminine energy of Shakti and its circle represents both an opening and the idea of perfection. From the many meanings of the maladhara yantra's lotus, I have selected that of purity for use in my own meditation.

I am still very new to this type of meditation and so am also including my own color visualization and psychic healing meditation both of which I am finding very effective. I have some experiences of very improved energy flow and grounding and have noticed an improved mood and decrease in stress related to the ongoing ups and downs of house hunting.

Saradananda stresses the relationship between fearfulness and root chakra imbalance. At first this seemed odd to me as I am not characteristically fearful but it has occurred to me over the last few days that there are many types of fear including a lack of trust in a benevolent universe which can manifest in a need to control outcomes and means. This is something I can relate to!

I hope that I will have time to make a meditation table this week, incorporating a root chakra alter similar to the beautiful images in Liz Simpson's book. When I do, I will post photos.

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  1. Fantastic! I'm doing a healing journal series based on the Chakras. Happy to find your blog!

  2. Thank you Elisheba. Just took a peek at your blog. Love the chakra journal and looking forward to following your posts!


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