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The search for the perfect (and very, very inexpensive) meditation table continues. I have tried multiple thrift stores hoping to find something that might be re-purposed to no avail.

It has become, I fear, a DIY project meaning which means I must go to Lowe's AND get someone to help me. My last table project, fashioned from an old leaded window and four re-purposed table legs, listed over a period of months, until it eventually collapsed in a heap. Not something I want to replicate with candles and incense!

As a trip is planned to Lowe's tomorrow, I will see if I can find any odds and ends that might translate into a stable yet inexpensive table. Not sure if I need (or have room for) a table on the order of the one above. But I love the way its creator has surrounded it with plants. Something I would love to do, if I ever have the room for a stationary table.

I am not promising, but if this project does indeed get off the ground, there will be photos.

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