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Enchanted Forest by Chiara Lily
I have a blue-green aura.  I can see it consistently hanging close to my skin, following the contours of my hand, nipping inward at the site of some old injury, and radiating outward like the flame of the candle at the finger tips.  Sometimes it has shades of indigo and on a good day I can see the wider band of violet that encircles my entire body but the bluish green is always there.  

Blue for my communication skills.  Green for what is a mostly open heart.

Green is the color of the fourth or heart chakra, the chakra that is associated with love, healing and compassion.  When the heart chakra is balanced emotional connection is easily realized, compassion is appropriate and affection is discriminate.  When it out of balance a person may be closed off from other beings (restricted) or overly sensitive (too open). 

There are a lot of strategies for regulating heart chakra energy but the most effective for me at this time of year is to spend time outside surrounded by the natural green of forest or garden.  Establishing a connection with the underlying energy of this green world is inherently stabilizing.  

No mantras are required.  No special breathing.  No visualizations.  The rhythm and the color and the breath of the trees are readily available and in harmony with a greater symphony than any we can individually devise.

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