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This post is about the Solor Plexus Chakra but the story begins, not with the chakra system, but with an experience born of my decision to branch out into a form of media I had not tried before - live internet radio.

I created a show on BlogTalkRadio and called it The Mystic Review.  I planned weekly segments on various metaphysical topics.  Each segment was to include a different featured guest.

I was excited about the show but I was nervous too.  I had never been comfortable with speaking and had experienced severe and debilitating stage fright ever since my very first ballet appearance at the age of 6 when I pushed the little girl crowding me and the entire auditorium erupted into laughter.

It didn't matter that in this case there was no stage.  I would be directly addressing a live audience real-time.  I was very nervous.  But I decided that doing the show would good for me.  A way of stretching my own limits.  Something I very much believe in.

A wonderful online friend, Jenny Sieck, offered to help, volunteering to be my very first guest. Jenny is an intuitive counselor and Tarot reader with an advanced degree in psychology and the host of her own BlogTalkRadio show, The Inner Voice Intuitive Hour.  In addition to this, she is a talented jewelry designed and the creator of Sacred Bracelets on Etsy.
Having also created symbolically themed personalized bracelets at one point in my own jewelry making career (see pic lower left), I really appreciated Jenny's work.  In it she combines precious stones, color and symbols meaningful to the individual client, to create a highly personalized piece of jewelry.  One of the elements she uses  in her bracelets, as well in her own spiritual practice, is color therapy largely reflective of the chakras and she has a great knowledge base in this area.

This was synchronicitic for me as I was focusing on the chakra system at that time in my own meditative practice.   I decided to do my first live broadcast on the chakra system with Jenny as my featured guest. 

I prepared by writing out a few interview questions for Jenny and doing some concentrated research on the chakra system using Liz Simpson's fantastic book, Chakra Healing.  Reading through the material on the afternoon of the show, I was struck by my third or solar plexus chakra issues.  I was experiencing a lot of pre-opening night anxiety, wondering how I could possible get through a live 30 minute show and seriously doubting my ability to to do so.

According to Simpson, the solar plexus chakra is associated with fear of rejection and criticism.  A too open solar plexus chakra leads to feelings of superiority and can result in judgmental and controlling attitudes.  A blocked or sluggish solar plexus chakra is associated with those who are overly worried about what others may think and fearful of being alone.  Insecurity and a need for constant reassurance may result.

My Own Celtic Bracelet with Wire-Work Copper Charm
Reading Chakra Healing in the nervous hours before my first radio broadcast I paid particular attention to the solar plexus chakra section.  In it Simpson says, "By strengthening and stimulating the Solar Plexus Chakra you will reach  state in which you can shake off the fears of rejection, criticism, and standing apart front he group and create your own unique identity.  One that is founded on self-acceptance, self-respect, and the ability to take risks in the knowledge that you can handle any situation with which you are faced.  This is true inner. personal power."

This I realized was exactly what I needed and I had the clear intuition there was a direct correlation between the state of my solar plexus chakra and my severe performance anxiety.  I stopped to focus on this chakra and did some free form clearing work and then continued with the book.  

As I continued to read about the solar plexus chakra, I noticed some mild indigestion, a feeling of upset in my upper abdomen that progressed very very quickly to moderate to severe pain and severe nausea.  I was, suddenly and unexpectedly, extremely ill.

The illness lasted for several hours making it necessary for me to call Jenny and reschedule our show.  Although I was very nauseous throughout, I did not throw up or experience any other GI symptoms.  Although the symptoms were intense, I felt fairly sure that I was clearing.

In constant contact with my angels throughout, I received messages of healing and the clear understanding that this purging of negative energetic debris was a necessary step upon my path.

By that evening I was fully recovered.  The following week I did the show and while I was still a little nervous doing the show was possible.  I went on to do several more live radio shows on several different metaphysical subjects changing the name of the show along the way.

I have not done internet radio for sometime but I intend to pick up the show again when things become a little more settled in my personal life (I am in the process of rehabbing houses and moving).  I continue to do my own free form chakra clearings when I feel the need.  Well I have not had an experience of that intensity since, I can feel the process of clearing psychic debris and attachments to varying degrees.

That experience of clearing not only lead to ongoing improved self-esteem but an entire new focus for me in terms of energy healing.  More on that next month.

To listen to my BlogTalkRadio show with featured guest Jenny Sieck, please click on the player embedded below:
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