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My meditations on the chakras are historically free form. And while I have found the inclusion crystals, yantras and scent as recommended in Saradananda's Chakra Meditation and Simpson's Chakra Healing to be both helpful and fun, in the end, I generally revert to my own method.  

Using this method these last few weeks has reminded me of something.  I biased in my chakra work. This is to say that I do not treat all the chakras fairly.

To explain how I have come to understand the bias, I have to explain the method which really simply just 'to be.'  Not in a Zen way necessarily but in the way of internal focus.  I apply this focus to visualize the flow of energy.  

In doing this, I psychically see the white light which spiritually innervates the system and visualize the colors of the chakras as they they illuminated, shining like neon, pale centers radiating outward into color.  Visualizing for me is not quite the same as psychically seeing however which calls for a clarification of terms as I apply them.  

When I visualize I am imagining.  This is not imagining in the sense of making things up because generally I have a clear intuition already that what I am imagining already exists but it is imagining how something looks - picturing it, I suppose you could say, mentally as opposed to really seeing it.  

Psychic sight however is, for me, truly seeing.  A vision, if you will, though not all visions are created equal.  Some visions are, in my experience, unusually vivid or incredibly bright while others are much less colorful.  What all visions have in common however it that, eyes open or shut, you know that you are really seeing. And this brings me back around to my bias with the chakras.  

When I meditate on the higher chakras I do quite literally (psychically) see their colors because psychically seeing blues and purples and greens is easy for me.  I see violet and indigo colors through my third eye with my physical eyes shut  whenever I try and frequently when I don't.  I can see aqua and green in both auras and meditation without a whole lot of effort.  And blues in particular are very intense for me both in meditation and in dreams.  

The other end of the spectrum however is no where near as well represented.  There is a reason why this is the case.

I am drawn to spirit which is not always necessarily balanced or grounded.  Working with the so-called lower chakras has given me an opportunity to ground myself and address some of my issues with physical reality.  And it is my belief that however avoidant we may be, this is not only valuable work but an important part of what we were sent here to do.

Working with the sacral chakra this week, I caught small glimpses of psychic orange and that is progress.  More importantly however, I have visualized the white light of spirit clear this sometimes troublesome energy center like the heart of sunlight giving way to a halo of orange.  And in this instance, in my belief system, this kind of imagining is not to say that I have made it up but rather that I have brought into being.

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  1. I am reading your informative articles on that the chakras and the meditations from a long period of time. Each of them is different and unique from the previous one. I appreciate your work and wish you best of luck for the next coming stuff from you.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad that you found the articles helpful and really appreciate you taking the time to say so! Best of luck in your endeavors as well <3


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