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This week finishes my first chakra focus segment. This segment was dedicated to working with root chakra energy with other chakra centers to follow sequentially. I am not sure, to be honest, how well the yantra meditative practice has worked for me. Perhaps I didn't put enough time into gazing at the yantra but I was not able to see it with my eyes shut (in a third eye sense) at any point.

I found myself reverting to my own method of meditating which is free form and frequently visual. When doing it I focus and invite in the energy from the upper realms, imagine it flowing through my body and energizing the chakra centers. Normally I visualize blues and violet well but can rarely clearly warm colors such as orange or red. Over the course of the last two weeks however I was able to clearly see the color red in my mind's eye on several occasions. I think this is progress.

Meditating repeatedly on the root chakra does seem to have created a better energy flow as born out by pendulum testing and my own intuition. Additionally I feel less apprehensive about house hunting and moving then I did prior to the concentrated meditation. As the root chakra relates to survival issues I think this is significant.

Next week: the sacral chakra!

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